Review: Return of the Assassin (All The King’s Men #5) by Donya Lynne

Malek and Gina both have had painful pasts when it comes to taking mates.  Malek’s first mate died years ago and he still loves her and can’t let her go.  Gina’s past is filled with abuse and the painful memories that her first mate caused her.   Neither wants to want the other, but their souls have called out to each other as mates do and fighting what is between them may end up being the destruction of them both.

Malek is an enforcer for AKM or All the King’s Men but since he began to mate with Gina and deny it, he is basically a worthless bastard.  He is giving Micah a run in the biggest asshole award currently.  He hates that his body has begun to mate with Gina, he doesn’t want to finally admit that his first mate is gone and has been for hundreds of years.  He is slowly losing his mind to the “suffering” and yet he continues to fight it like the stubborn ass male he is.  I understand his pain and in the previous books Malek was one of my favorites because of how his personality was, but holy shit was he a complete douchebag to begin with in this one.  He needed his eyes opened up and his ass kicked, not only by Gina but everyone else too.

Gina made a huge mistake in the past, she let her emotions overrule her thoughts and she almost did something that she would never be able to forgive herself from.  Since she left Chicago, she hasn’t been the same, having panic attacks and just overall suffering.  She thinks that it is because Malek started to mate with her and that just won’t happen, she won’t ever allow it again.  Her first mate abused her so severely that she wants nothing to do with having a mate ever again, even if that mate was would Malek.  When she return to face Malek she can’t believe what a total ass he is being to her.  When he does the unthinkable to a mate, I loved how she kicked ass.  She needed to kick his ass too.

These two are both broken in their own ways, severely broken.  Both need each other to heal and once they opened their eyes and hearts they not only healed each other but the bond that they have is stronger than I ever thought it would be considering their start.  These two are perfect for each other.

Return of the Assassin is the 5th book in the All The King’s Men series.  I read the previous 4 books in preparation to reading this one and I am officially hooked.  This series reminds me of two of my favorites, The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward and the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian.  I think fans of both of these series will love the All The King’s Men series as well because these male vampires are hot, sexy and alpha all the way.  I am looking forward to the rest of the books in this series to be released so that I can get more of these sexy vampires.