Review: A Wife for the Future by Emerald Lavere

Humanity is in danger of extinction. The population has severely diminished. Too many scientists playing God in the past, guaranteeing an increase in the male birthrate, has catastrophic consequences in the future. Females are now rare, and thus greatly treasured. Wars have been fought, borders realigned, and the world as we know it is unrecognizable…all to the lack of women.
A Wife for the Future is an Adult Dystopian romance filled with plenty of steam, tenderness, and an underlining thought provoking plot. We have plenty of countries now that prefer males over females. What if doctors and scientists start tinkering with the genetic code, slowly eliminating the ratio of females born? Let’s face it, as much as certain cultures prefer males over females, they need women. Women and men go hand in hand. You cannot create life without the other.
I found this story to be absolutely original and fresh. Ashling comes from our current time. If you’ve read book 1, The Wikomsette, you learned that her mom is from the present, while her dad is from the future. [Quick recap: Her dad was part of an elite team of scientists chosen to go back in time to try to correct the wrong and save mankind.] Ashling is aware of her father’s true identity, and what is expected of her. On her twentieth birthday, she and her father must return to his time. She’s needed in the future. Humanity needs her in the future.
With the shortage of women, it’s perfectly acceptable and expected for women to take on more than one husband. A tribe of men. And keep the human race going. Men between certain ages are presented to her for her choosing. Sharing herself with multiple men wasn’t as much of a shock as she expected, but the fact that these men were okay with it, no jealousy whatsoever, at times astounded and confused her. There is a sort of role reversal in the future. Men are happy and eager to work, tend to the home, and raise the kids, while assuring the woman is content in life. Um…I’d like to visit this majestic place.
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the connections Ashling formed between her and her men. Each man is different and unique. They each bring a different dynamic to the home and the bedroom. My favorite though was a man who wasn’t a husband…yet. Oh, but I desperately wanted him to be.
Everything’s not exactly orgasmic bliss though. There are evils lurking in the background, threatening to rock the foundation. And her father is caught up in the nightmare. Set up and falsely imprisoned for crimes he did not commit.
The action that ensues and where the story takes us in the end is well told and kept me on edge. The overall wrap up left me teary eyed and completely satisfied. I really did not want to see this story end. I wanted the characters to continue on and entertain me. I was THAT drawn to them.
Emerald Lavere did a phenomenal job connecting both books and bringing this duet to an end.


Review: The Wikomsette by Emerald Lavere

Regina gets through her life day by day.  She is alone, her husband dies four years earlier, she has no family or friends and she likes it this way.  She hasn’t gotten over the loss of her husband so each day is a struggle for her.  One minute she is walking to her car, the next she is in this jungle.  Thinking that possibly she passed out and hit her head that everything is just some delusion caused by head trauma.  Quickly she learns that is so not the case when she meets a group of men speaking a language she doesn’t know who are all looking at her like she is a piece of prime rib when all they have had is ground round for years.
Regina quickly learns that these 8 men won’t allow her to be lonely, as they are her tribe.  She was promised to them, she is the Wikomsette.  She at first is unaware of what this means but finds out fast that she is in essence their wife.  Each man is different in their own way, one though refuses to ever be with her and one creeps her out.  The rest though, each have their own way to bringing her pleasure, each are so different, but there are three that she must watch out for because they will be the ones that will hurt her heart if they get too close.
Slowly Regina begins to piece together what is going on, but until she can get answers from Niku, the leader of the group, then she will have to just find ways to get her answers.  When something happens and Regina is separated from the group, she quickly finds out she had no idea the scope of what was going on.  She is scared that she will never see her men again and almost is lost forever in this time.  When she is found she is finally told what has been happening and some of the truths she learns are heart breaking to her.  She doesn’t know what to do about her feelings for her men and for what she found out especially knowing that their time together is limited.
I will be completely honest, I had read The Wikomsette as a beta as a favor for a friend and the first time I read it I hated it.  When this same friend asked me to review it I was like I hated it when I Beta read it I am pretty sure I am going to hate it now.  Well I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I liked it when I read it this time.  It is different, it is fantasy and romance and a little erotic but it works.  The connection that Regina feels towards her men is all as different as each man is.  Some she has more feeling towards than others, and there is one who holds her heart.  Knowing that their time is limited makes you ask yourself, what will happen, will she be ok when she returns, will she beg to join them, will they stay with her and keep her from the loneliness that was her life before becoming the Wikomsette? 
Ms. Lavere has made me want to explore more fantasy romance with her book.  I actually would love a follow up to this, maybe from the men’s POV.  So if you are on the fence about reading this book, go ahead jump on the reading side and give it an honest chance, or an honest second chance like I did.  I think you may enjoy it.

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Wikomsette by Emerald Lavere

Regina lost her husband four years ago. Now she lives a solitary life—by choice. But her preferences are tossed aside when an unseen force drops her into a remote jungle. There, a mysterious band of handsome, athletic men are waiting to show her that the woman who takes on their tribe has no chance to remain lonely…or unsatisfied. Enlisted as the group’s “Wikomsette” or “Wife”, her emotional and physical desires are at first resurrected, then fulfilled.

Eight men, but only one will truly claim her heart. Niku, the leader, is the first to re-awaken desire in Regina. Brannon, second in command is the most stunningly beautiful man she has ever seen, but his sweet talking may only lead to another heartbreak. Most of the other men could win her over as well, with some exceptions, such as Ax, who infuriates her mind as strongly as he  melts her body.

Maneuvering her way through the tribe emotionally, is not Regina’s only concern. Kept in the dark about who they are and what their mission is,  leaves her to consider several theories. Could they be covert military men? Aliens? Part of a secret cult? Eventually she will learn not  only the shocking truth of who they are, but that she may play  a much bigger role in the mission than any of them could have  guessed, changing forever the course of her life, and of all life on Earth.

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The doctor was gentle but, through Ax, asked a thousand questions about my health history.  He pulled a number of things I’d never seen before out of his bag.  Ax told me the doctor’s instruments were for taking and testing samples of my tissues and fluids.  That information was nerve-racking, but other than some mild discomfort, the examination wasn’t painful.  Brannon held my hand during the pelvic exam.  I told myself to pull away from him but couldn’t.  Ax looked on from the side with an unreadable expression.

“The doctor wants to know how many sexual partners you’ve had?” Ax eventually asked.

“Five,” I said, concentrating on a spot on the ceiling.  The clear gel created odd distortions and shapes as the light reflected off it.

“Plus three more now, eh?” said Ax.

“No.  I mean, two, up until yesterday.”

A few seconds of silence passed.  I glanced sideways at Ax’s dumbstruck expression.  Then he must have repeated what I’d told him, because after he spoke in the other language, the doctor and Brannon looked at me with surprise.

Brannon jumped up and ranted loudly, first at one man, then the other, and then at no one in particular.  The doctor seemed to be trying to reason with him.  Ax remained silent and motionless.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

By way of reply, Ax shook his head, his expression vacant as he stared at the floor.

The doctor spoke to At.  Brannon sat back down, hands in his hair, muttering under his breath.

Ax’s voice was monotone when he spoke again.  “Your exam is over.  Dr. Sebastian says you are in good health and will be capable of fulfilling your purpose here.”

“And what is that?  Just what the hell is that supposed to be?  I don’t even know how I got here, but I want to go home.  You can’t make me stay!”

In a tone full of irony, Ax replied, “Can’t make you stay?  Woman, the fact is, even if we wanted to, we couldn’t make you go.”


Meet Emerald Lavere
Emerald Lavere is a forty-something wife, mother, dancer, singer, writer, lover of comic book heroes and heroines, good dark chocolates (especially with liquor in them), and many different flavors of art, books, and men!

A fan of just about every genre, she aims to write stories that contain something her readers will find sweet, and something surprising as well. If hot, explicit, sexual encounters happen to be included in those stories, well, it’s really not her fault. She is only recording the facts of what happens in the alternate universes, that the voices in her head tell her about. Often the voices won’t shut up until their stories have been told, so really, what else can she do?

Living in Southern California with her family and a fluffy dog she met at the local shelter, Ms. Lavere enjoys time with her family, reading, and walks. A former professional performer, she now dances for fun whenever possible, and sings often, and loudly, in her car. When she has alone time and is not working on her writing, she enjoys watching old Smallville episodes, because hot damn, there are some fine ass men on that show.

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