Review: A McKenzie Christmas (McKenzie Brothers #5.5) by Lexi Buchanan

Spend December with each of the McKenzie siblings as they start their own family traditions and try to keep the romance alive with the stress of the season. 
Michael and Lily struggle to find a private moment together when the twins and new baby constantly need their attention.

Sebastian is aware of something that Carla should have known well before him.

Ruben and Rosie find the spirit of Christmas on the ice, and move forward with their life in a surprise that Ruben has planned.

Lucien is still haunted by ghosts of his past, but with Sabrina’s help, he’s finally able to move past it.

Ramon and Noah spend the evening of their wedding preparing for their honeymoon. (MM explicit chapter)

And the Epilogue, well, you’ll have to read the novella… 

This is a must have for any McKenzie Brothers series fan. I loved revisiting each couple. The whole book is full of warmth, love, and of course tantalizing heat.
Michael and Lily’s family has grown, and as most parents with kids, struggle to find the time to keep the fire alive. They love each other, immensely, but with a set of twins and a newborn, having the energy to devote to your spouse at the end of the day can be exhausting. Thanks to a little grandma intervention, they get that much needed and wanted time together.
Sebastian is usually the goofy one of the McKenzie brothers. He loves life and it’s evident. It’s also killing him to keep his lips shut when he realizes something that Carla really should have suspected. Of course his wife knows he’s concealing something and tries to extract the info from him. Results may not go as she planned, but it’s sure as heck hot to read her attempt it.
Rosie is such a breath of fresh air for Ruben. I think she makes him stop and appreciate life. There’s this innocent quality about her. I can’t help but smile when I read her.
Lucien is struggling with his new life. I swear that man can break my heart. I just want to shield him. He’s completely enamored with his wife and son, but at the same time fears losing it all, and that fear is wearing him down. Sabrina, has to really reach him and show she’s not going anywhere.
Ramon and Noah, oh my! If you’re a fan of M/M, then you are in for a treat. A toe-curling, heart-melting treat. I love seeing those two together, and not just in the bedroom. They are perfect for each other, in every way.
I don’t want to spoil anything, but…the epilogue…Oh, Ms. Buchanan, I do believe you’re giving us a glimpse of things to come and I definitely cannot wait.
A McKenzie Christmas was certainly a special treat and what a way to kick off the holiday season. 


Review: Sinful (Bad Boy Rockers #5) by Lexi Buchanan

Jace Stone’s life has been spiraling out of control since he was shot in the line of duty five years before.

When his old Captain suggests he tutor a second grade class on the softball field as a favor to his niece—their teacher—he thinks, why not? Life can’t get any worse. What he doesn’t expect is the niece to be a hot, little redhead with curls all the way to her round bottom. She quickly works her way into his dreams, teasing his senses and leaving him hot, hard, and craving a taste of her sexy red lips . . .

Savannah Devereux is relieved when her Uncle Ned finds a softball coach to teach her class, but she never expected to be faced with a six-foot mountain of a man who looks like he just climbed out of bed. His heated glances cause her female parts to sit up and take notice, but it’s his sexy five o’clock shadow and sinful mouth that keep her tossing and turning at night.

The more time they spend together, the more the heat ignites between them. But with his demons to battle and her engagement to someone else, someone is going to get burned.

A man who’s been through hell and a teacher who belongs to another, come together on the softball field, but soon find their lessons extend beyond the field.

Wow! This is the end of the Bad Boy Rockers series, and what a way to go out.
Jace Stone was severely wounded and left to deal with the impact of that fateful day. We meet him years after the incident, but that doesn’t mean his nightmares are over. There are times when he wakes up in a cold sweat or worse, he remains asleep, thrashing and endangering anyone near him. It is this reason he keeps his distance and can’t fully commit to the girl who’s ensnared his heart and keeps hold of his thoughts.
Savannah Devereux was in a bad place in her life. She lost her last remaining parent a few years back and with that, lost herself. She entered a relationship with a man she didn’t really want to be with, but he was there at the time when she just needed someone. It’s not until she meets Jace that she feels the haze she’s been living in start to wear off. He awakens her mind and body, and for the first time makes her want.
Sinful is definitely filled with plenty of steam, but it’s also got a lot of heart. Jace is such a sweetheart. He’s charming, endearing, funny, good with kids, and it goes without saying, he’s hot. Oh, Jace, if only you knew how amazing you are. But, of course, there has to be a flaw in all that perfect. He won’t open up, well not fully. He doesn’t share with Savannah the nightmares that plague him and his fear of hurting her unconsciously. A girl can only take so much of feeling like she’s being pushed away before she decides to walk. Jace needs to act fast and lay it all out there for her. But what happens when they decide to face his demons together?
Jace has so much more healing to do, more than either of them fully realizes, and Savannah has to face the choice of putting her life on hold, again, or moving forward.
Sinful left my heart full. Jace and Savannah clearly belong together. They bring out the best in each other, but there are many hurdles for them to go through before they reach their HEA. And let me tell you, Lexi Buchanan keeps you on the edge till the very end. 
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  Fearless Anthology Cover

Title: Fearless Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 1, 2015
From some of today’s New York Times, & USA Today Bestselling Authors comes the FEARLESS ANTHOLOGY with all royalties being donated to VETSports in a non-profit organization, who help combat veterans to better their physical, emotional, & mental health through sports, physical activity, & community involvement.
Anthology Sizzling Stories Include….
~ Foreword ~by BT Urruela
~ Before Ryan Was Mine (The Remembrance Trilogy – Prequel) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Kahlen Aymes
~ Throttle Me (Men of Inked Book 1) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreadsby Chelle Bliss
~ Touching Scars ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Stacy Borel
~ Sizzle (Bad Boy Rockers Book 1) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Lexi Buchanan
~ Sweet Home (Sweet Home Series Book 1) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Tillie Cole
~ Out of Her League (Suspense Series Book 1) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Kaylea Cross
~ Noah Mitchell (Mitchell – Healy Series Book 1) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Jennifer Foor
~ Where We Belong (A Touch of Fate Book 1) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by K.L. Grayson
~ Wicked Innocence ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Missy Johnson
~ Cage (Corps Security Book 2) ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Harper Sloan
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~ Hold Me Closer: Rebel Walking #4 ~This Book on Amazon | Goodreads by Hilary Storm

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: From This Moment (Jackson Hole #1) by Lexi Buchanan

The last thing Rona Jameson expected was the scorching connection she feels to Cade Matthews. At twenty-four, Rona is embarking on what should have been her honeymoon to Jackson Hole, Wyoming…alone. Having just gotten out of one relationship, she’s hesitant to jump into another. But there’s something about the forty-five year old single father of three that calls to her.
Cade knows it would be best to steer clear of Rona, but he can’t deny the chemistry and longing he feels towards her. No other woman has ever made him feel strung so tight. The age difference between them however is something he’s not sure he can overcome.
Jake Matthews, Cade’s son, is heading home after receiving an honorable discharge from the Marines. He broke things off with Elise, six years ago, when he joined the service, afraid of her being left alone if something happened to him. Now he’s back and ready to claim the girl he’s never been able to forget. There’s only one problem, she’s engaged to another man.
Can Jake win Elise back and prove to her he’s worthy of a second chance? Will Rona and Cade overcome their doubts and fears, and the other obstacles in their way?
From NY Times Bestselling author, Lexi Buchanan, two love stories in one, with a touch of taboo.
NOTE: This has been newly edited, with 25,000+ extra words added as well as POV’s for both Jake and Elise.

Coming: December 16, 2014

 Cover Design – Robin Harper (Wicked by Design)

I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived, and worked at the University of Bolton. In 2010, I moved to Ireland with my husband, four kids and pack of animals.
I’m a NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of Devour, and International Bestselling Author of Seduce and Sizzle.
My time is spent writing when I can get away from Facebook, and chasing after the kids and animals.
One of my all time ambitions is to visit Mount Everest base camp in the Himalayas.

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Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Lexi Buchanan



Lucien McKenzie, has lived a solitary life for the past six years after suffering badly in a car fire. He shut everyone out, but his family. Now Lily’s friend is throwing his emotions all over the place and messing with his head, and not only that, but she’s the only woman to bring his libido back to life.

Sabrina feels like she’s on a rollercoaster ride with Lucien. One minute he’s fuckin’ her brains out, and the next, he’s pushing her away. She just wishes she knew if he was pushing her away because of his scarred body, or because he’s in love with his brothers’ wife, Lily.

Can a man who’s hurting and hides his true self from the world keep the love of a good woman? Or will he push her too far so she walks away from him for good? 

Available Now On:

McKenzie Brothers
Five brothers. Five distinctive stories. Each with their own HEA.

Bad Boy Rockers


Stand Alones Click on covers for more info
About Lexi
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Devour and Amazon Bestselling Author of Seduce and Sizzle!
​Lexi was born and raised in Bolton, Lancashire, in the UK. She lives in Ireland with her husband and four children.
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Cover Reveal: Elijah by Lexi Buchanan

Elijah returns home to help his dad renovate the Victorian his grandmother left to them. The finished portion of the old house is being rented out to a newcomer to their small town of Elizabeth Cove. No one in his town is aware of Elijah’s secret, especially his mom. A quick errand to the property leaves Elijah with a stunning scene he can’t get out of his head and the fear that his secret will be discovered.
At twenty-seven, Max, has had enough of city living and being around people who think they can dictate how he lives. After coming out to his family and colleagues, trouble at work and familial heartbreak ensue. He relocates to Elizabeth Cove in search of healing, not realizing his life is about to change in ways he never expected.
elijah full sleeve FINAL copy
Model – Jeff
CoverArtist – Amy Queau


Eight-thirty in the morning was too early to be up and out of bed on a Saturday, but Elijah’s mom had other ideas. The tenant was due to arrive today so he had to be up and out of bed to take the welcome box of grocery she’d purchased for him—Max Riorden—up to the house for his arrival. It sucked, but he guessed he could use the pool while he was there. Elijah loved the fact that his father had agreed to put in the deep pool at the back of the house. He used it all the time and guessed he’d have to get used to sharing it with the guy who was moving in that day.
If he hadn’t had his head up his ass these past couple of weeks he would have known more about the guy who had gotten his father to agree to a twelve-month lease. The guy would eventually become his neighbor in about four months time when his own side of the house should be finished.
Originally, they had planned to renovate the house and sell it, but after more thought he had managed to talk his father out of it and into splitting it in two—half for him and half as a rental to get income to support the upkeep on the property. As long as more of their money wasn’t being sunk into the property then his father wasn’t worried.
Elijah just wished he’d put his foot down and said his side of the house would be the first to be finished, but his dad had pleaded a good case about them getting the income in, which would give them more of a leeway in getting his part of the house finished. He was twenty-four and had been living under his parent’s roof since he’d finished at college because he had wanted to come home.
He’d loved the freedom of college but had missed the quiet of Elizabeth Cove. The decision to head home after college hadn’t been all that hard to make because there was nothing in the city to keep him there. At one time he’d thought there might be, but he was proven wrong when he caught Chris with his jeans around his ankles being sucked off by someone other than him. Since then he’d kept to himself and hadn’t gotten involved with anyone else. When he was feeling horny he would make the hours journey to the largest town near to Elizabeth Cove and find a bar to hang out in. Within ten minutes he would always have a guy wanting in his jeans.
The only problem he had to moving back home was his mom constantly inviting the young women in town to dinner in hope that he would follow through and ask them out. Both his parents had no clue he was gay. That he’d been gay since well before he left for college. He’d covered his sexual preference by dating the girls in his senior year at high school, but only for show. He had no real interest in them because they had the wrong equipment. A few times he wondered whether or not his mom knew or at least suspected that he was gay. But with how social she’d been lately he wasn’t all that sure.
One day soon he was going to have to come clean because at his age he shouldn’t have to hide from his parents. In fact, any more women shoved in his face he might explode. He also wanted to make his home in Elizabeth Cove and was worried how the town’s people would take his sexual preference. It wasn’t anyone’s business but his own and after experiencing prejudice in college he wasn’t in any rush to experience that again especially by the people he’d grown up around.
With a heavy sigh he clomped downstairs and walked into the kitchen with his tee shirt in hand only to be pulled up short when Sarah from next-door let out a heavy sigh with her eyes fixed on his chest.
“Elijah, get your shirt.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He grinned knowing how much the ‘ma’am’ would get his mom’s back up but that she was too polite to say anything in front of Sarah. “Mornin’ Sarah. How’s things?” He might as well be polite to the girl if nothing else.
“Good,” she squeaked before standing up. The chair she had been sitting on wobbled back and forth until Elijah caught hold of it with his right hand as he used his left to pull his tee shirt down his torso. Sarah was looking anywhere but at him and for some reason Elijah knew he was being a dick but couldn’t wipe the grin from his face at her embarrassment because he’d spoken to her. “I need to get back. Bye Louise.” She dashed to the door.
“Bye Sarah,” Elijah drawled as Sarah shut the door behind herself.
He started to laugh.
“That was rude.”
“What was?” He asked with a look of innocence on his face.
His mom just rolled her eyes. “Never mind now. Get over to the house with this box. Put it all into the refrigerator and leave the note somewhere where he won’t miss it when he arrives.”
He could do that. He was also looking forward to a dip in the pool. There was nothing like diving into the pool without a stitch of clothing on and feeling the water caress his skin as he swam length after length.
“Will you be back for breakfast?” his mom asked breaking through his dream.
“Don’t worry about me. I’m going to swim before I come back and work some more.”
Elijah hauled the box into his hands and with his mom holding the door open he carted it out to his truck and dumped it into the back before he glanced back to the door and saw his mom watching him. He ran back to her and gave her a hug with a kiss to the top of her head. “I have my cell on me if you need me for anything. Okay?”
“Okay, honey. Look after yourself in that pool.”
With a last squeeze he pulled away and ran back to his truck. “I’ll be fine.”
Their house wasn’t too far away from his new home but with the box of food it would have been awkward to carry it. It was also too large to attach to his bike, which was his preferred method of travel in the town so his truck would have to.
It was only minutes before he found himself pulling up at the house beside the truck that was already parked on the drive.
Has the guy, Max arrived early?
He couldn’t see any sign of anyone, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t anyone inside. Leaving the food in the back of the truck he climbed out and slowly made his way around to the gate leading to the back of the property to see if there was any sign of anyone out there before he knocked on the door. He didn’t feel like he could use his key now that the guy had obviously arrived.
As he stepped through the gate he could hear the gentle lap of water, which he knew meant the guy was already in the pool. Elijah treaded carefully towards the back and froze when he watched a guy with water sluicing from his body climb from the pool naked. He was around the same height as he was at 6ft3in and had a shaved head, or near enough. He was lean and muscular with broad shoulders and a chest that glistened in the sun. Elijah’s eyes traveled further south and he found his eyes widening as the guys cock lengthened before his eyes. He quickly glanced up to make sure he hadn’t been caught watching and he hadn’t. So that was Max. It had to be.
Max wrapped his hand around his erection before he pulled back to his balls. To Elijah’s shock he felt his own dick swell with need as he watched. Not even in college did he ever feel instance lust like he was now. Max was oblivious to Elijah’s presence and he wanted it to stay that way. He wanted to watch him come. He wanted to watch as his release left his body.
Elijah bit down on his lip to stop himself from groaning out loud. His dick was now solid and leaking with his arousal in his jeans as he continued to spy on Max as he jerked off. But it was so good he couldn’t look away. He couldn’t even leave the guy to his own privacy.
As Max looked to be getting close to his release, Elijah started to rub his aching cock through his jeans and felt his own arousal about to reach breaking point. Desperate for more, he ripped his jeans open and wrapped his own fist around his dick and started pumping. His eyes stayed reverted on Max’s own hand and dick. Max threw his head back and started to shoot white cum out from the tip of his dick, which sent Elijah careening over the edge. He clamped his mouth together to keep his lust quiet as he came all over his hand and the fence opposite.
That was not supposed to happen. He collapsed back against the house and with his heart about to beat out of his chest he yanked his jeans back up and shoved his junk away before he was caught.
What the hell was wrong with him? He had never done anything like that before and to have such a reaction to the guy he was going to have, as a neighbor was not going to happen. Regardless of whether or not he was thinking about telling his parents he preferred guys, it could not happen with Max. It was far to close to home.
With a shake to his head to get the remnants of lust out, he quickly made his way back to his truck on unsteady legs and grabbed a cloth to wipe his release from his hand before tossing it to the bed of his truck.
Elijah took a minute to get back together, and then grabbed the box of groceries from out the back. He still couldn’t get his head around what he’d just done. Anyone could have caught him with his jeans around his thighs and his cock in hand. What the hell was wrong with him?
He knew one thing for sure and that was as soon as he dropped the groceries off, he was out of there.

About the Author

Lexi was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where she lived, and worked at the University of Bolton. In 2010, she moved to Ireland with her husband, four kids and pack of animals.
She’s a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of Devour, and International Bestselling Author of Seduce and Sizzle.
Her time is spent writing when she can get away from Facebook, and chasing after the kids and animals.
One of her all time ambitions is to visit Mount Everest base camp in the Himalayas.

Blitz & Giveaway: Spicy (Bad Boy Rockers #2) by Lexi Buchanan

Because of screwing up with Callie, during the summer, I’m drowning my sorrows with drink and women…or that’s what I’m trying to do, but it isn’t working. Every time I close my eyes all I see is Callie, her long flowing blonde locks, her slim curvy body with legs that go on for miles and breasts that make my mouth water. She’s become my weakness and I have no idea how to make amends for my past sin…
It’s been weeks since Reece left me without a backwards glance, and I’m an idiot because I’m finding it difficult to move on and forget him. It doesn’t help that my best friend, Thalia, is engaged to his best friend, Phoenix. But tonight I intend to change all that and maybe do a little flirting with another guy and see where it leads…and who knows, it might even make the pain in my ass realize what he’s missing…
Can be read as a standalone and has an HEA ending – No Cliffhanger
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Blitz: Kissing Under The Mistletoe by Lexi Buchanan

Intended for Mature Audiences 18+

Gabe has been brought up with Bree, since he was nine years old when his parents died. Now he’s twenty six and has been in love with Bree for the past seven years. She’s coming home for the holidays and has him so tied in knots he can’t think straight. Bree avoided going home for the holidays last year because she didn’t think she’d be able to handle being around Gabe, the man she’s in love with, who she thinks she can never be with. Or can she? To begin with both Gabe and Bree sneak around together and eventually Bree’s mother finds out and accepts them as a couple, but announcing it to her father causes heartache with the bombshell he drops. Join Gabe and Bree in a Christmas story where love conquers all…. and where Bree discovers Gabe knows just how to use a red ribbon….. This is a completely rewritten story to the previously published ‘Under the Mistletoe.’

kissing under the mistletoe teaser


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DSC_0410I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived, and worked at the University of Bolton, until I moved to Ireland with my husband, four kids and pack of animals. We are now settled in a lovely town, in County Cavan. The kids love their schools, once they get there that is. My eldest daughter, is on the Irish Junior Archery Team, and spends her time training. At least she does when her dad can get her off her ipad, reading or listening to music. I have recently joined the book review blog, Book Addict Mumma and made a wonderful new friend in Kristy Louise Garbutt, my new boss! My kindle is loaded with too many books to mention, as I absolutely love to read when I have the chance. My all time high would be to stand at the foot of Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Website | Facebook | Twitter @AuthorLexi | Newsletter  

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Rapture (McKenzie Brothers #2) by Lexi Buchanan

Sebastian is a player. He does not do commitments. One night stands are more his speed. All this changes, however, when he meets Carla. Carla captures his attention from the beginning. He immediately feels a strong physical attraction to her. This feeling runs both ways. Carla can’t control the pull she feels towards Sebastian. Problem is she’s dating Sebastian’s brother. As time passes by, their feelings only intensify. It’s getting harder and harder to resist each other. But, Sebastian can’t steal his brother’s girl and Carla can’t keep up the charade. Something’s gotta give.

Lexi Buchanan brought out the angst and anticipation in this one. The chemistry and longing between Sebastian and Carla made the pages sizzle. There were moments when the characters were within inches of one another that I could feel the heat coming off of them. Sebastian is battling his growing feelings for Carla and the guilt of having those feelings for his brother’s girlfriend. He can’t violate the “bro code”. But he’s tired of staying away from her. At the same time, he notices there’s something odd about the relationship Carla has with his brother. They don’t act like two people in love should act.

Carla made a promise to Sebastian’s brother, Ramon. One she plans on keeping no matter how strongly she feels towards Sebastian. While Sebastian’s feelings may not have been as hidden around the family as he may have thought, Ramon had no clue Carla felt the same way. Had he known he would have released her of their arrangement. However, I think Carla uses that deal they made as an excuse to hide. She’s never felt this strong of an attraction to any man before. Her feelings coupled with Sebastian’s playboy past scare her.

While Sebastian could have saved himself some guilt and anxiety had he known the truth of Carla’s and Ramon’s relationship, I think her being just out of his reach was good for him. For once he couldn’t just have what he wanted. Plus it allowed the attraction to build up to the point where when they finally came together it was positively explosive.

But, can these two remain together? Carla has a violent ex out for blood and Sebastian has an aggressive office assistant on the hunt for a McKenzie of her own. With hearts and literally lives on the line, who will prevail?

If you have not read the McKenzie Brothers series from the beginning, you are missing out. Rapture is book 2 and collides with parts of book 1.5. Lexi Buchanan has not just created a series, but a whole family for us, the readers, to get to know, swoon for and bond with. This is Sebastian and Carla’s story, but life continues in the McKenzie family and we get a glimpse of characters past and things to come.

Amazon UK | Amazon USA | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords Also available on iTunes | Kobo | Sony Book 1 – Seduce is on sale 99c/77p Amazon UK | Amazon USA | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords Book 1.5 – The Wedding Amazon UK | Amazon USA | Barnes & Noble

Excerpt – Carla’s POV
What the hell has gotten into Sebastian? He practically dragged me out of Lily’s room and now he’s dragging me down the hallway as though there’s a fire.

He looks through the window to a room. “In here,” he says, pushing the door open before pulling me inside and out of view of the window.


He slams his mouth to mine and pushes me up against the wall, grabbing my thighs he hoists me up so I wrap my legs around him coming into contact with his huge swollen cock, making my eyes open wide. I had no idea he was so aroused.

I shove my fingers into his hair, holding his mouth to me. The things he does with his tongue has me wet and aching.

“I need you babe.”

He lets my feet hit the floor, unzips me, shoving my jeans and thong down my legs before releasing his cock, which is already wet at the tip.

I can’t take my eyes off him as he jerks with arousal and takes hold of himself, pulling back to the root of him and holding there.

“Carla,” he says between gritted teeth, “I’m going to come the minute I get inside you.”

That’s the only warning I get. He spins me around. I place my hands on the wall as he pulls my hips towards him before thrusting inside me.

He feels so good, filling me up, which sets off little electric shocks along my channel.

Letting go of my hips, he wraps me up in his arms and slides his hands up inside my top, shoving my bra above my breasts and starts massaging and pinching my nipples.

“Hmm,” I moan resting my head on his shoulder behind me.

My breath catches as he pulls most of the way out of me, leaving just the tip inside.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt now.”

Oh God!

He starts pumping his hips in and out of me. One hand stays on my nipple while the other moves to my clit. The minute he touches me between my legs, he pinches my nipple and I explode. Seeing stars, I can’t stop climaxing. My channel grips Sebastian’s cock. My muscles rippling up and down the length of him.

Cursing, he pulls out shoving his fingers inside me to ride out my orgasm. I feel his other hand take hold of his cock, which is pressed against my ass before turning my head and watching him ejaculate on the floor.

Unable to catch my breath, I stay resting against the wall as he removes his fingers from inside me. I hear Sebastian putting himself back together before he bends and pulls my thong and jeans back up then he turns me around to fasten them.

He kisses my lips, pulling me back into his arms. “God, did I need you…but shit, it would have been too messy if I came inside you here.”

“I know.”

I love him coming inside me. It makes me feel even more connected to him than just having his dick inside me.

“You like my words, baby?” he whispers into my ear, rubbing my ass and pushing me against him.

“You can’t be ready to go again?”

“I’m always ready with you, and answer the question,” he chuckles.

Why I blush when he uses those naughty words, I don’t know, but I do and now I probably look like a tomato.

“You’re not saying anything, but I’ll let you off the hook for now because I know you find them as hot as I do when I use them and I bet if I touch your pussy it will be wet and not just from the orgasm you’ve just had.”

Breaking away from him, I smack his arm. “Stop embarrassing me.” I try to leave the room, but he catches me around the waist.

“I’ll be using those words again the next time I’m buried deep inside you,” he whispers in my ear. “Your little cunt will tell me how much dirty talk turns you on.”

My body feels alive again. He’s just brought me to orgasm, and I already need him again. His words do turn me on, although I’m not used to hearing them when referring to my body parts. Oh, I’ve seen them in enough books that I’ve read, in fact Bared to You comes to mind, but God, Sebastian is right. Hearing those words turns me on something wicked.

He moves to stand in front of me and smirks when he sees the lust I’m struggling to hide on my face. If we weren’t in an unlocked hospital room, I’d be on him again.

“C’mon, before Mom comes looking for us. I promise to behave in public from now on,” he smirks.

Opening the door for me, we walk out straight into Michael and Lucien.

“Where have you two been?” Lucien pauses, looks between the two of us, and then continues, “Then again never mind. Carla you go back into Lily’s room, while we interrogate Sebastian and don’t worry we’re going to sit right over there by the door.” Lucien points.

About the Author
I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived, and worked at the University of Bolton, until I moved to Ireland with my husband, four kids and pack of animals.

We are now settled in a lovely town, in County Cavan. The kids love their schools, once they get there that is.

My eldest daughter, is on the Irish Junior Archery Team, and spends her time training. At least she does when her dad can get her off her ipad, reading or listening to music.

My kindle is loaded with too many books to mention, as I absolutely love to read when I have the chance.

My all time high would be to stand at the foot of Mount Everest in the Himalayas.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Sizzle by Lexi Buchanan

He has muscles.

He has tattoos.
He has piercings.
He has a mouth that makes her panties wet every time he opens it.
He is supposed to be getting married.

Thalia goes home for the summer with her friend from college under the guise of being his girlfriend.  She’s always dreamt of a hot cowboy sweeping her off her feet.  However, she never pictured the man fitting that description would be her pretend boyfriend’s brother.  There is an instant connection between Thalia and Jack that literally sizzles off the pages.  Problem is Jack is to be married at the end of the summer.
Roped into getting engaged; there is no love whatsoever between Jack and his fiancée.  But, Jack’s future is on the line if he does not go through with the marriage.  He is self-sacrificing by heeding expectations and responsibilities onto himself.  There is this whole other side to Jack that he keeps secret from his family.   When he meets Thalia, for once Jack is torn between what his heart wants and what his family expects of him. 
Sizzle had me on edge.  Thalia and Jack clearly belong together.  The chemistry and stolen moments between them is smoking hot.  But, sadly Jack doesn’t see a way out of his situation.  Poor Thalia is a glutton for punishment.  She refuses to accept she and Jack can’t be together.  She decides to stay knowing time is running out for them.  When she’s made a bridesmaid in the wedding, however, will that be the final straw?

Ms. Buchanan gives us the perfect combination of angst and steam in this one.  The secondary characters give us a good glimpse of possible future storylines.  Overall, Sizzle was a good start to a new series.  I can’t wait to see where the next one takes us.

As I placed the mic back into the stand, I couldn’t help but smile in pride. We rocked the place tonight and even ended our turn on stage with ‘Love, Lost and Found’. It was a slow number to give the guys in the crowd a chance to get their hands on the women.
While I’d been singing, I’d had a front row seat watching the ‘chick’ from before going between the three of us with lust clear in her eyes. She had no chance with me, but I’d glanced at Donovan and Reece a few times and knew as soon as our stint was over they’d be all over her, and in her.
I’d be a liar if I said I hadn’t been turned on with the sizzling glances she’d kept throwing at me, because I had been. The boner in my jeans could attest to that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t act on it.
Walking towards the bar to distract myself from the throbbing going on below my belt, I bumped into a dark haired girl, who started to tumble forwards. Placing my hands on her hips to stop her from tipping over, her ass rubbed up against my groin.
She turned her head. “Is that for me?” she purred, rubbing against my dick, which had gone hard as fuck.
Taking a deep breath, I gently pushed her away from me, “No. Sorry.”
I carried on walking, but changed direction towards the back where I knew the guys had taken the ‘chick’. God, I hated that word. I needed to come badly; otherwise my dick wouldn’t go down. I hadn’t had sex in forever, but my fist worked fine, although I was getting fed up with it.
Donovan and Reece were in the storeroom, so taking another breath; I knocked on the door. “Guys, it’s me,” I shouted through the door, knowing it would be useless trying to open it since it would be locked.
I heard the lock click before the door opened slightly. I pushed my way in, much to Donovan’s shock.
“You’re joining us?” Reece asked, in disbelief from between the woman’s thighs.
“Not exactly.” I wasn’t sure what the hell I was doing in the room with them. Sex was out of the question; since Mia I’d stopped with the one-night stands. Once or twice I’d watched the guys with women, jerking off to the show.
This wasn’t a first. We’d done a threesome with a woman on more than one occasion with our cocks in her cunt, ass and mouth. Yeah, it had been hot as fuck, and with just the memory, my dick hardened even more.
“I’m staying over here,” I said, backing up to the wall, resting against it. I had a first class view of the naked woman on the desk, who was already groaning, thrashing her head from side to side. I wasn’t surprised as Reece had his mouth buried between her thighs, with Donovan sucking her tits; then she came with a squeal, which Donovan moved to capture in his mouth.
I stroked my cock through my jeans, then thought fuck it, unzipped and unbuttoned the denim that had been keeping me contained and let my swollen dick burst free.

Author Bio
I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived, and worked at the University of Bolton. In 2010, I moved to Ireland with my husband, four kids and pack of animals.
We are now settled in a lovely town, in County Cavan. The kids love their schools, once they get there that is.
My eldest daughter, is on the Irish Junior Archery Team, and spends her time training. At least she does when her dad can get her off her ipad, reading or listening to music.
I have recently joined the book review blog, Book Addict Mumma and made a wonderful new friend in Kristy Louise Garbutt, my new boss!
My kindle is loaded with too many books to mention, as I absolutely love to read when I have the chance.
My all time high would be to stand at the foot of Mount Everest in the Himalayas.
Twitter – @AuthorLexi


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