Review and Guest Post: Deep Space Mission Corps Series by Tymber Dalton

Today we’re talking about the Deep Space Mission Corps Series by Tymber Dalton. Let me tell you, this is one HOT series! I’ve loved all four of the books. I was thrilled to find out that Ms. Dalton has more planned for the series! Yippee! I’m reviewing all four books in the series in one post.

Ms. Dalton was kind enough to send us a little bit of information about the Series!  Be sure to check it out! Especially if you like Menage with some Science Fiction!

Love at First Bight introduces us to the main characters of this series. In fact the series sticks with the same characters throughout. They just find themselves in some unique and harrowing situations!
I was hooked on Love at First Bight from the very beginning. The world created by Tymber Dalton was amazing. I was intrigued by the way things work in this world. The open and accepting nature of everyone along with the job benefits available? Oh My! Get ready to want to go to the future!

Aaron, Caph, Ford and Emilia are all loveable and compliment each other so well. They are truly meant to be together. At one point in this book I was crying crocodile tears. I was so into the story and the characters meant so much to me. I was ready to throw my e-reader across the room! I couldn’t believe this was happening! Then the twist came. OMFG! Really? It was a phenomenal twist and made the story that much better!
Bightmares continues the story of the characters we met in Love at First Bight. Everyone is settling into their roles, both on the ship and with each other. They get called out to handle a distress signal and end up fighting to keep their lives!
There’s a very nice tie-in to the first novel with this story. We only got snippets of life for Aaron, Caph and Ford prior to them meeting and joining with Emilia. That part of their lives is interwoven throughout this series and it adds a depth not only to the characters but to the story as well. Their lives from before Emilia continue to impact their lives together now.
There was some very nice tension in this story. I will admit I figured out one element of the problem early on. I didn’t have the full solution until the very end though. It was a very intriguing complication!

Spiderbight picks up right where Bightmares leaves off.  This poor crew can’t get a break for anything!
In Spiderbight we get to meet some of the other species that are in space. Their views and how they handle things are very different from us. It creates some problems for the crew and they end up in a pretty bad situation.
While all of the stories in this series are erotic (duh…it’s Tymber Dalton), this one was far more graphic than the others. There were some situations in this one that can easily make some uncomfortable. Boundaries will definitely be stretched in this one. We have dubious-consent and some non-con involved in this one, so be warned!
Even though we meet a new species in this one, the story was pretty straightforward. There wasn’t as much suspense in this one as the others. Even without the suspense, it did provide for some pretty tense moments!
Out of Sight, Out of Mind continues the story of Emilia, Aaron, Caph and Ford. They’re once again off into deep space. This time they pick up a new crew member. Emilia does not like this crew member. He creeps her out and she wants nothing to do with him. Unfortunately Aaron, Caph and Ford don’t have the creepy vibe from him. Could be the whole empathy thing!
Sure enough, Emilia is right and they end up in a REALLY bad situation (again). This time Emilia if fighting for her life. Aaron, Caph and Ford are racing to try to save her. They can’t lose another person they love. It would destroy them all.
The tension in this one was intense. I felt for Emilia the entire time. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t believe what was going on. I was horrified for Emilia and really wanted to smack Aaron upside the head with a two-by-four!
By the end of the story I was heartbroken for the crew while at the same time I was rejoicing for them. It’s an interesting dynamic. I loved the new species we met. They were probably the most interesting of all we’ve met so far (IMHO).
This series is definitely worth reading! I’m also thrilled to find out that Tymber Dalton is planning at least one more for this series. It’s been great fun following the same characters throughout the series. Watching them grow as a family and individually has been fun. Bring on the next one!

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The Deep Space Mission Corps series is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons. It was one of the first series I wrote (and it’s still not finished). The first book, Love at First Bight, was actually written on a tiny Asus EEEpc netbook, using a USB keyboard and mouse (because the keyboard is so tiny) on Open Office. My big Toshiba laptop screen died, and I had to get it in for repairs.
Fortunately, I didn’t go blind or hunch-backed from the tiny screen. LOL
That is definitely one way to keep focused on the writing, however. When you know getting the book done can’t be delayed, and the “computer” is too uncomfortable to use for much else.
I envisioned the Tamora Bight, the ship the characters use, I envision as a cross between the freighter from Aliens, but more spartan, cleaner, and better lit, like the original Star Trek’s Enterprise. (Also minus acid-drooling aliens!)
I grew up loving the original Star Trek and Doctor Who series. When I write sci-fi, it tends to come from those origins, character-driven, instead of technology-focused. The technology isn’t the main story. The interaction between the characters and the trials they go through, that’s my focus.
The first four books—Love at First Bight, Bightmares, Spider Bight, and Out of Bight, Out of Mind—were the original characters’ story arc. There will be more books coming involving crews of the other ships, after I get a few other sets of “voices” out of the way first.
Another trivia fact about the series: most of the character names come from Shakespearean works. It’s also the first book I wrote where I actually managed to catch my husband by surprise with the twist at the ending. (He’s extremely hard to do that with.)