Review: Perfectly Broken by Prescott Lane

Peyton has survived a traumatic experience.  One that has not only scarred her physically but mentally as well.  She keeps herself covered in baggy clothes, she doesn’t date, and doesn’t trust easily.  She works in her pie shop and tries to get through each day without triggering the nightmare to replay in her mind.  When playboy Reed comes into her shop her life begins to turn itself upside down.  She doesn’t want to let Reed into her life or heart, but slowly he works his way in, not taking no for an answer.  Reed has his own demons and scars from his past that he doesn’t want Peyton to find out.  These two need to learn to trust each other so that they can heal the scars and begin to live.
I liked Peyton’s character even though at times I wanted to just shake her and plead with her to snap out of her self-imposed prison.  I understand why she is like this, but I have a problem with how she allowed her best friend at times to just push her around and dictate her life.  Ok I hated the best friend, she is a bitch one that needs to learn real quick that the world does not revolve around her ass.  I honestly felt bad for her boyfriend, I think she took his balls the second they began dating.
Reed, he is your typical rich playboy.  Not wanting to commit, and if one of his hook ups started to want more, he showed her to the door.  But with Peyton he is different.  He knows that he has to take things one step at a time with her.  He knows that he needs to get her to trust him before she will share her secrets with him, but yet he keeps his own personal secrets from her at the same time.
Then there is the jealous ex who feels that she needs to stick her nose into their business, cause come on let’s face it the ex always has to try to stir the pot of shit and make trouble.  And this ex, she’s a first class bitch to put it mildly.

I am not going to sugar coat how I feel about this book.  At times I wanted to not finish it, to just erase it off of my Kindle and move on to the next book.  I liked the book but sadly at times it was so annoying that I just cannot love it.  Now, I am not saying not to read it, I would never do that, but if you do read it be prepared for immature, bossy best friends, bitch ex’s, secrets, and total lack of communication at times and a female who would rather hide in her own self-pity than try to heal and become a stronger person because she is a survivor for a majority of the book.