Review: Down London Road by Samantha Young

Believe it or not, I really really liked this book. I know, I know… I’m sure a lot of you are skeptical about reading it since it’s gotten such mixed reviews- And I’ll be honest here… I didn’t love it quite as much as I loved it’s predecessor, On Dublin Street. With that being said though, it was a damn good read and one that I seriously enjoyed immensely. If it weren’t for the few slow moments the book had here and there I would have given it a full five-star rating… And take it from me, that’s not a rating that I give out lightly.

For starters, the writing was phenomenal. Everything about the story and characters just felt so real… Something that seems to be missing in so many books now-a-days. However, Samantha Young seriously has some true freaking talent when it comes to her gift for writing, that’s for sure. 

Initially before starting this book, I had heard a lot of negativity about the heroine, Jo. To be honest, it had been so long since I read the first book that I couldn’t quite remember much about her character in the first place. (Shame on me) …But low and behold, I really ended up loving her in this book.

Little did we know, she had been hiding a very horrible background that should give anyone who initially had those “gold digger” thoughts about her a guilty conscience. …And yes, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty as charged for judging her character before I really and truly got to know her. She ended up being so much more than just a pretty face. She had spent so much time believing the things that other people said and thought about her; Believing that she was nothing. Yet instead of putting effort into fighting the awful things she had been fed all of her life, she bought into it and clutched onto men that she believed had everything that she lacked. I could honest to God relate to her character on so many levels, because deep down inside she has insecurities just like the rest of us. …But the fact that she could admit that while at the same time, consistently prove time and time again that everything she had done was purely out of selflessness, is one reason why I can officially say she is a favorite heroine of mine to date.

The hero, Cam on the other hand…


Yeah. I’d say that about sums it up. The man was utter perfection and couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for Jo. When he first initially meets her, he comes off as a complete and total ass… Of course knowing my love for jerk heroes, he won me over completely the second he opened his mouth and insults flew out. Turns out though, he’s a man of mystery, our Cam. …Because the man had a heart of gold and was just what Jo needed to help break through her defenses in order for her to open her heart up to love. He was the first person in Jo’s life to demand more of herself- And trust me, his temper showed on more than one occasion when other people belittled her. *sigh* …He was just the man to chip away at all of her insecurities and the only man who was able to get through to her.

The thing I loved most about this book, is there was no “insta-love” crap involved. Sure, that first-glanced spark and attraction was there, but Jo and Cam form a friendship first before any type of relationship comes into play… And let me tell you, it made for some major sexual tension that was well worth the wait. The fact that a friendship blossomed before anything else though is what made me appreciate the relationship only that much more. 

I’m not going to go into any detail in this review, because I don’t want to give anything away. But what I’m fixing to say is what’s most important anyhow, so listen good: If you’re having reservations about this book… Don’t. Do yourselves a favor and don’t miss out in fear of it being a complete failure in comparison to On Dublin Street. All-in-all, this book was in a category all it’s own. There were times in the beginning when I felt like it could have moved at a bit more of a faster pace but after finishing the story and looking back now, I actually don’t think I would have changed a thing about this book or the way it was written. It ended up being a very emotional and beautiful story about trust… Opening your heart… And most importantly, love and self worth.

Oh, and FYI: For all of you Joss and Braden lovers out there, they make quite a bit of appearances in this story …And for all of you who haven’t read 
On Dublin Street first, I would highly recommend doing so. It’s not that I don’t think this book can be read as a stand-alone… I just think in order to appreciate the characters and story as a whole on a more emotional level, starting with that book will only heighten all of that. 🙂

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Review: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Samantha Young has written one of the most emotional, angst-filled, romantic books EVER!! I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t stop reading! OMG!
Joss is scared of letting people in. She’s scared bad things follow her and will hurt those around her. She’s scared because it will hurt. If not one gets in, then when they get hurt, it won’t hurt her.
Braden is stubborn, sexy as hell and tenacious. He wants Joss from the first moment he meets her and doesn’t give in until he has her.
These two people are beautiful together. Braden is perfect for her. When she runs away from him and others, he chases her down and helps her face her fears. He does it in such a way that she doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. He slowly worms his way under her skin.
Ms. Young did a fantastic job of creating the most amazing characters. They’re flawed, loyal and tenacious. They’re relationships are rocky and imperfect. They fight, they make up, they make mistakes.
One of my favorite things about this book was Joss visiting the therapist. This is one of the few times I’ve read a book where the main character chose to visit a therapist to help her with her issues. I loved the therapist in the book. She was witty and determined to help Joss sort it all out.
Favorite Quote: “Gentlemen are gentlemen in bed. They make sure you’re having a good time.”
“I’ll make sure you’re having a good time, and that you’re okay with everything we’re doing. I just won’t be well-mannered about it.”
Does it get any hotter than that? HELL YEAH!  The heat and electricity between Joss and Braden is tangible. There’s so much sexual tension in the air, you can cut it with a knife. When they do finally get “together” it’s scorching hot! Desk, floor, wall, bed, wherever and whenever they touch it’s explosive!  Mmmmmm……….
Recommendation: Have a box kleenex handy when you read it!