Review: Turn Towards The Sun (The Sunflower Trilogy Book 1) by Jennifer Domenico

Ava Bradshaw is stuck in mid-flight. On the edge of her thirtieth birthday, she finally ends a devastatingly bad relationship that left her wounded and insecure. With a plane ticket in her hand, she sets out to make a life for herself in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

What she didn’t plan on was meeting the intense Italian architect Enzo Milano, a local celebrity in Phoenix. The handsome and commanding Enzo sweeps the passionate and vibrant Ava into his world of galas, prestige, luxury, and money.

Enzo is charming, breathtakingly gorgeous, and a self-made American success story. He’s also a seasoned womanizer who has zero interest in relationships. Still, he can’t deny there is something special about Ava and considers trying an old-fashioned romance.

Sexy, humorous, and touching, Turn Towards the Sun will resonate with any woman whose life didn’t quite work out as she planned.

Turn Towards The Sun is the first book in the Sunflower Trilogy by Jennifer Domenico.  You meet Ava when she is on her flight to Arizona, she gets bumped up to first class where she sits next to the sexy Enzo.  She is instantly attracted to Enzo but he comes off a little cold at times and rude, but slowly that fades away.  She has no idea who Enzo is or that he is a rich playboy.  When he puts her up in one of his hotels and begins to spoil her, she has a time dealing with it.  What she doesn’t know is that Enzo is very much attracted to her and wants her for his own.  Too bad she has to deal with a jealous bitch who is nasty to her every chance she gets.

Enzo is a sexy Italian architect who is known as a major playboy seen with different women all the time, but there is something about Ava that makes him want to change his ways.  Enzo at times seems insecure about Ava leaving him, you can tell there is something or someone in his past that has hurt him.  He wants Ava as his own and sets out to spoil her and make her his. 

I liked this book, it is the start of a fairytale type romance where the prince comes and sweeps the princess off her feet type of book.  There is more to it though, it was sexy and sweet.  There is also a little mystery to it as well.  While at times it did move a little slow then at others it seemed a little rushed, overall it was an enjoyable book.  There is a cliffhanger so be forewarned.  I will like to continue reading this trilogy just to see if Ava and Enzo will get their fairytale Happily Ever After or if people or events will tear them apart.