Review: Take a Chance on Love by Christi Williams

Take a chance on love.
It seems so simple. Just open up and let the warm and fuzzies take over. But it’s not that simple. There’s fear, rejection, difference of opinion. It’s all so risky.
Chancie de Leur is a single mother running her own business. It’s been two years since her husband died and she’s feeling a bit lonely.
Micah Taylor is a Wyoming State Trooper. He shows up at Chancie’s business to complete his routing drug testing.
There’s an instant attraction. Micah and Chancie end up going out for dinner after Micah’s shift ends. The attraction grows bolder.
When Chancie finally tells her ten year old son, Jamie, about Micah, he’s horrified his mother would consider dating anyone, much less a COP! Jamie’s behavior continues on a downward spiral.
When Micah and Jamie finally meet the hostilities and tension between them are at war-zone level! Micah does everything he can to win over Jamie. Nothing works. Micah realizes that no matter how much he cares about Chancie, he can’t be with her if Jamie continues the war tactics. Their relationship would never work. What’s a girl to do?
I loved this story from the very beginning. There were no earth shattering revelations (although Chancie’s marriage was unconventional, to say the least!), no kidnappings, no exes to come barreling in causing problems. It’s just the story about a boy (man) and a girl (woman). The story of how two people, both burned in the past, are willing to take a chance on love when the right person crosses their path.
I loved that Chancie and Micah are ordinary people with ordinary jobs. I love that they’re not fresh faced new adults (although I do love those stories). It was nice to have a real-life love story.
Chancie and Micah were so neat. While neither one is in the fresh bloom of adulthood they did act like teenagers. Necking in the car, sneaking around, getting busted (not by parents, but by the ten-year old son!). I think I laughed so hard when they got busted by Jamie when they were necking in the kitchen. I giggled and giggled when that happened. I know exactly how they felt!

This is author Christi Williams debut novel. She did an amazing job giving us a real-life love story full of passion, romance and the perfect man. We should all be so lucky to find our very own Micah!
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