Review: So Right With You by Maggie Kaye

Everyone knows I like some angst in my romances. There’s something about having to fight to be with the ones you love. But every once in a while it’s nice to get a story where there is no angst. There’s a little misunderstanding, a little romance, and everything working out. But it’s a sweet story. It’s a story of finding the one you were meant to be with and having it all come together like the perfect outfit.
So Right With You by Maggie Kaye is that book. There’s a little misunderstanding, a little romance and it all comes together like the perfect outfit. It’s a wonderful story of romance, love and happily ever after.
Chloe works for a rich Playboy extraordinaire. He never dates the same woman for long and he enjoys his privacy. When Chloe finds herself in a difficult situation, her boss Garrett Nolan steps in to help her out. While staying with Garrett she learns a whole new side to him. One she never imagined and she falls ass over teakettle in love with him.
But does he love her? She’s convinced he’s not the permanent type. She’s convinced she’ll have to leave him. Garrett sets out to prove his love for her.

This was a sweet story. Romantic, sweet, loving. I loved it. Chloe and Garrett came together like the perfect outfit. It all fit and they look great together. Garrett is pretty much the perfect man. Chloe was his perfect foil. She stepped in and did what needed to be done. Watching them interact and fall in love was like being curled up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, a fire in the fireplace and the one you love snuggled in with you. In other words, perfect.