Her Christmas Pleasure by Karen Erickson

4 Stars
Amazon link- Her Christmas Pleasure

A not so innocent kiss under the mistletoe leads to a kindling romance both are unable to fight. A wonderfully written novella that will warm you in the coldest of winters.

I am such a stupid stupid girl. I found Karen’s books long ago and for some reason I held off reading them. I enjoyed this authors writing immensely and can not wait to read more by her now. This book is the second book in the Merry Widows Series. The first book is Lessons in Indiscretion.

Let it be known that I hardly ever read novellas; I don’t like them, plain and simple. I think they are too rushed, unrealistic and a connection is hard to make in the short amount of time given for a novella. I have to say, I think that is quite the opposite for this novella. It was fantastic, I only wish it was longer.

This book was provided to me by Netgalley.com on behalf of Carina Press Publishing. Thank you!

Fifty Shades Darker by E. L. James

5 Stars!
Amazon link- Fifty Shades Darker

“Erotic, sparkling and suspenseful, Fifty Shades Darker is the irresistibly addictive second part of the Fifty Shades trilogy.”

If those aren’t the most perfect words to describe Fifty Shades Darker, I don’t know what are. How can this book be even better then the first book when I though the first one was awesome? This woman is amazing, truly. Most people who know me knows I can only read so much erotica; and I very rarely read BDSM. But this author has a way to make it so sensual and beautiful and passionate, that I find myself yearning for more. A lot of times when you think of an erotic romance book, you think of sex, especially when it’s a BDSM book. Well, this book is so much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, the sex scenes were hot, romantic and plentiful, but there is so much more to the story than sex. I wish more erotic romance authors wrote like E L James. James is definitely a favorite author of mine.

The sensuality of this book trickles over you slowly like molasses, sticking to you, tasting so dark and sweet, and knowing that you can never truly get enough.

I don’t even know where to begin with this book. We see so many new sides of Christian and you can’t help but love everyone of them. We see him try and change his ways for Ana, which I have to say is a drastic change for him and very emotional at that. My heart ached so much while reading this that at a few times I found tears in my eyes. We see him transform into this man who wants nothing but to love honor and cherish Ana with every waking bone in his body. My goodness how he loves Ana so much! It’s such….a very beautiful love story. We see Christian bare is dark tortured soul to Ana many times making him even more appealing.

Not only do we see Christian change, we see Ana trying to be the person she thinks he needs, but truthfully Christian just wants her just the way she is. Ana is the air Christian breathes. She realizes Christian has certain needs that he will want met, but he would never ask her of them. So she steps up and takes them into her own hands, and well, she is there for him every step of the way. Finding a happy compromise for both partners is true love, which is what they have; true love. A relationship could never thrive if both aren’t willing partners.

I can see myself reading these books many many times and probably never get sick of them. I LOVED the emails!! I LOVED the auction dinner….boy was that HOT! I LOVED the boat scene at the end! Well, I LOVED the whole book! I do look forward to the emails and I hope they are in the next book as well. They were hysterical! I wish this wasn’t a trilogy. I wish there would be more books, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Has anyone else noticed how many Audi’s are on the road? I feel like they are everywhere I turn. 😉

The only problem I have with this book was that I found a lot of typos. It can be a bit of a nuisance after a while. I noticed them in the first book too, but not as much as this one.

Some of my favorite lines in this book:

“This is me, Ana. All of me…and I’m all yours. What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you any way I can get you. That I love you.”

“There’s a joy in my helplessness, joy in my surrender to him, and to know that he can lose himself in me the way he wants to. I can do this. He takes me to these dark places, places I didn’t know existed, and together we fill them with blinding light. Oh yes…blazing, blinding light.” -Anastasia Steele

“I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you.”

“Anastasia.” He answers immediately, his voice warm and caressing. How is it that this man can make me melt over the phone?
“Christian, Jack has asked me to get his lunch.”
“Lazy bastard,” Christian gripes.

Thank you, Amanda, for giving me this for my birthday! Honestly, how can it ever be topped?

5 Stars!
Amazon link- Fifty Shades of Grey

I’ve been thinking for a few days on how I wanted to write my review for this book. There are (still) so many emotions going through me after reading it so it makes it very difficult for me to put into words how I feel. There are few books that will render me utterly speechless, and this is one of them. Reading BDSM novels are normally not my thing. I tried it a few times and they were very unrealistic, the heroine is too at ease with it all considering it usually is her first time, very rough, and, honestly, they’ve all made me cringe. I would find myself tightening my body and holding my breathe while reading them. After that happened a few times, I decided the specific writing was not for me.

Clearly, I was wrong about that genre and I realized not all books are written like that. Oh, how I loved this book! Fifty Shades of Grey is the complete opposite of what I mentioned. It was beautiful, erotic, sensual, emotional, dark, compelling, realistic, seductive, and I found myself unable to put the book down.

Christian is a dark secretive man with a tortured soul who is ridiculously rich and a total alpha male. Ana is a young woman who has never had a sexual relationship before meeting Christian. I worried for Ana quite a few times in this book. I knew there was no way she was going to be able to have a no strings attached relationship and not get hurt in the end. If the only kind of loving making that Christian knows how to do is, well, “f*ck…hard,” doesn’t Ana realize that it will be the only kind of love making she knows how to do. How will she move on once they separate?

You won’t find out the whole nature of why Christian is the way he is until you read the second book. Which reminds me. I was beyond ecstatic to find out this series is a continuation of the characters and they are the main focus in each book. Very awesome considering that doesn’t happen often!

My heart ached so much when I read this line:

“Why don’t you like to be touched?” Ana whispered, staring up into soft grey eyes.
“Because I’m fifty shades of fucked-up, Anastasia.”

Bottom line- READ THIS BOOK! It is a great intro into the world of BDSM. I found myself surprisingly intrigued by it all even though it’s not my thing. Not only does this author do an excellent job building her characters, she also does a fantastic job with the BSDM and how one comes to enjoy that kind of lifestyle. Well done, EL James!

Thank you Amanda for this wonderful book for my birthday. One of the best gifts ever! xoxo

February 2012 Lisa Kleypas Release!!

Lisa Kleypas will be releasing a new Contemporary Romance book in February of 2012. How exciting! Check out the link for an excerpt.

Read an excerpt of Rainshadow Road 

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Learning to Trust by Lynne Connolly

4 stars
Amazon link- Learning to Trust

I thought this was going to be another erotic romance with a light storyline. It was anything but that and I was pleasantly surprised. This story was full of steamy hot romance, suspense, and a very moving plot. This story was so very emotional for me and it makes me wonder if the author has family or herself went through what the characters did.

***SPOILER***Bellina Mazzanti Forde or Lina Forde is a socialite living in New York City with her mother, where money can buy you anything you want, including an endless amount of drugs. Party girl to the core, Lina decides at the last minute to take off with Byron Brantley to Italy where no one will know her secrets and she can escape from an unhappy life. They cut up all their credit cards and check books and leave a paperless trail for five years. Both Lina and Byron are heavily addicted to drugs and will do anything for their next fix until Lina was struck by a car. Having no family and friends to help her after the car accident, the nuns in Rome take her in and basically force her to become sober. Byron, on the other hand, isn’t ready to get clean and takes off.

Five years later, Jonathon or Jon, finally gets the break he needs to find his brother Byron and friend Lina. Jon flies to Italy to rescue his brother and take him home only to find out Lina hasn’t seen Byron in two years. After enlisting Lina to help him find Byron, a few days later, Byron is found in the morgue from a heroin overdose. But it isn’t just any cut of heroin, it’s pure grade heroin in Byron’s system and it wasn’t an accidental overdose. While both Lina and Jon are trying to discover who set Byron up, they are forced to flee back to New York City after nearly being attacked. Family secrets are revealed and Lina is deceived by someone she loves.***END SPOILER***

This is a very emotional book. Unless you’ve gone through addiction yourself or have close relatives that are addicts, I’m concerned readers may not connect with some of the characters. For instance, there was a point in the book that Jon said he had already come to terms with this brothers death years ago. This was after finding his brother in the morgue and showing no feelings the whole book when it came to his brother. Some people may think him harsh and unemotional. He’s not. That is true life. You have to come to terms with it, and prepare yourself for the worst. I thought I was the only person to say something like that and it was a revelation, in a way, that others may think like that too. I’ve come to the point where I am just waiting for the phone call that my sister is dead, and at one time, my mother. There is only so much you can do to help an addict. Unless they truly want the help, they aren’t going to get better and there’s nothing else anyone can do. And that’s what happened with Byron. He became so addicted to drugs that there was no going back for him. It’s an unfortunate everyday occurrence in life.

Lina said a great line in this book and I’ve said almost the same thing for years. “The only one who could stop the downward spiral was her. She had to want to do it, really want to, and not for anyone else.” That line is true on so many levels it’s scary.

This was my first read by this author. I really enjoyed her story and writing style. I plan to look up more of her books. She brought real life issues to a fictional romance story and it was very moving.

NOTE: This book was provided for me by Netgalley on behalf of Carina Press.

Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught

5 stars
Amazon link- Whitney, My Love

Since this book was published in 1985, there is no need for me to go into full detail about this book. There are over 280 reviews-and that’s only counting the 5 star ones about this book on Amazon. What could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said? That it was the most beautiful book ever written? That it has more romance than I have ever read in my life? That I cried, I laughed, and I had the shakes because my heart was racing so fast? That after reading this book, it renders one speechless as does her other book A Kingdom of Dreams? No, that has all been said by many many other people. And all of it is true. So my review will just be of all highlighted parts from this book, since I have yet to see anyone do it.

“Must you stare at me?” she snapped. “Yes,” Cuthbert rasped, grasping her arms and trying to pull her toward him, “I must.”
“Cuthbert,” Whitney warned ominously, “I’ll give you just three seconds to take your hands off of me before I start screaming the house down.” Unexpectedly, Cuthbert did as ahe commanded, but his arms dropped and his body followed. Falling to one knee, he placed his hand over his heart, preparatory to proposing matrimony. “Cousin Whitney”, he murmured hoarsely, indulging her in a visual folding of her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head and back down. “I must tell you what is in my heart and my mind–”
“I know what is in your mind,” Whitney interrupted scathingly. ” You have been ogling me for hours. Now get to your feet!”
She snatched her skirt away, half convinced that he intended to lift it and peak beneath it. Deprived of her hem, his hand returned to cover his heart.” I admire you with every fiber of my being. I have the deepest regard for–” Gulping, he broke off, his widened eyes riveted on a point behind her.
“I sincerely hope,” drawled a lazily amused voice from the doorway, “that I am not interrupting a devoted man at his prayers?”

“I aught to break your neck!” Clayton interrupted. “Allow to me congratulate you on a fine day’s work, Madam,” he said sternly. “In less than twelve hours, you’ve brought Whittcomb to your side and Cuthbert to your feet.”
-Clayton to Whitney

Clayton’s eyes raked contemptuously over her. “We have no agreement,” he said scathingly. “It’s over. Done with. It should have never begun! The betrothal was an insane idea and I curse the day I thought of it.”
Sick with failure and defeat, Whitney dug her nails into the flesh of her palms and shook her head in denial.
“It never had a chance to begin because I wouldn’t let it.”
“Your two minutes are almost up.”
“Clayton, please listen to me!” she cried desperately. “You-you told me a long time ago that you wanted me to come to you willingly, that you didn’t want a cold, unwilling wife.”
“And?” he demanded furiously.
Whitney’s voice shook, “And, I am here. Willingly.”

-Whitney to Clayton after realizing that she loves him and wants him to marry her, and not Vanessa.

“Don’t you dare disobey me,” he hissed, his fingers clamping on her upper arm as he marched her away from the curious grooms and stablekeepers.
“Disobey you?!” she repeated, stamping her foot. “Do you mean to actually remind me of my vows? Why of all the-Would you like me to remind you of yours, my lord?”
“I will give you a warning. Just one,” Clayton enunciated viciously. “Call it advice, if you prefer.”
“If I wanted advice,” Whitney retorted, her eyes sparkling with jade fire, “you would be the last person on earth I would ask!” She opened her mouth to say more, then changed her mind at the boiling wrath her outburst brought to his features.
“Defy me one more time-just once more, and I will lock you in your rooms until that brat is born!”
“I’m sure you would like nothing more!” Whitney said, hating him for calling her baby a brat. “You are the meanest, cruelest….you’re a fraud and a liar! How dare you have told me you love me then treat me as so! And another thing, my lord duke,” she added in a chocking fury, “which I’m sure will come as a tremendous surprise to you: It so happens making love makes babies!”
Clayton was so stunned by her ridiculous “revelation” that he never saw the blow coming. She caught him full on the side of the face with the flat of her hand, then reared back, looking like a tempestuous goddess in all her fine fury.

-Whitney and Clayton after Whitney disobeyed orders not to ride her horse.

She reached up behind her and began to unfasten her dress on the way to her dressing room. “Keep it on!” his voice slashed out, “until I leave.”
Clayton came to his feet, advancing on her with the predatory glace of a stalking panther. Reflectively, Whitney started to back away, then checked herself and held her ground. He loomed over her, his graze a frigid blast. In a silky, menacing voice, her said, “Do you remember what I told you would happen if you dared to disobey me again, Whitney?”
He had threatened to lock her in her rooms until her baby was born. Whitney was angry and frightened-and so much in love with him that even her voiced throbbed with it. “Yes, I remember,” she said in an aching whisper. “I remember all sorts of other things, too. I remember the words you have whispered to me when you are so deep inside of me that you have touched my heart. I remember…..”
“Shut up!” he snapped furiously. “Or so help me God, I’ll……”
“I remember exactly the way your hands feel against my skin when you touch me and….”
He caught her shoulders and shook her. “Damn you! I said stop!”
“I can’t.” Whitney shuddered in his grasp but persevered.” I can’t stop, because I love you. I love your eyes, and your smile, and your….”
Clayton yanked her into his arms, his mouth capturing hers in a savage, punishing kiss that was meant to silence and hurt and retaliate. He was bruising her lips, and she was crushed so tightly against him that she couldn’t breathe. But Whitney didn’t care; she could feel the hardness of his need swelling rigidly against her, and when he mouth began to slant fiercely over hers with wild hunger and desperate urgency, she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him.

“Are you trying to see exactly how far I can be provoked?”
“No my lord,” Whitney replied demurely, aware of the curious looks from the arriving guests. “How could I possibly provoke you more than I already have by offering you a child.”

-Whitney to Clayton after Clayton sees the dress Whitney chose to wear to a party.

“Where the living hell is your betrothal ring?” he snapped angrily as her whirled her in perfect time to the waltz.
“The token of your love?” Whitney asked him, her chin proudly high, her pale face fragile and beautiful. “That betrothal ring?”
“You know damned well which ring.”
“Since it was a token of the love I no longer have from you, I felt it was a hypocrisy to wear it.” She waited breathlessly to hear from Clayton that his love for her wasn’t dead.
“Do as you damn well please,” he said with cynical indifference. “You always have.”

“Don’t!” she cried out softly, reaching her arms around his powerful shoulders and burying her face in his neck. “Please, please don’t do this. Just talk to me. Please talk to me.”
“I can’t,” he whispered against her shining hair. He drew a long, tortured breath. “I can’t find the words.”
The naked anguish in his voice brought tears to her eyes as she leaned back and looked at him. “I can,” she whispered brokenly. “You taught them to me-I love you. I love you.”
Threading his fingers through her hair, he framed her face with his hands and gazed at her. “I love you,” he whispered hoarsely. “God! How I love you!”

” Your grace?”
Everyone in the room looked up at Hugh Whittcomb who was standing in the doorway, looking haggard.
Clayton froze. “Yes?”
“Would you like to go upstairs and greet your son?”

“Whitney-my wife and my love.”

This book is over 700 pages long, so I had more than a few that I wanted to share. The best part of the book, for me, was at the very end with the treasure box/memory chest. I love of old vintage keepsakes, letters and pictures so reading that part was so great and emotional. Especially the letter and likeness from the 1st Duchess of Claymore, Jennifer Merrick Westmoreland.

A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught

5 Stars
Amazon link- A Kingdom of Dreams

This is romance at its best!

I’ve come to the conclusion that all the books I said I loved in the past, I didn’t. I was wrong. I’m realizing that I lusted after them, not truly loved. This book is love.

The way I wrote my review for Whitney, My Love, is going to be the same way I write my review for this book. There isn’t anything I can say that hasn’t already been said about this book. It is a phenomenal book and everyone should read it regardless if you like Historical Romance or not. I guarantee you will love it after you read it and it will most likely render you speechless.

“You’re so cold, you’re fighting back tears?” he uttered in disbelief, trying to see her face with only the dying embers of the little fire in the center of the tent for illumination.
“No,” she said hoarsely.
“Then why?” he demanded, completely at a loss as to what could have finally battered down her stubborn pride and made her cry. “The thrashing I gave you?”
“No,” she whispered achingly, her eyes locked with his. “Your horse.”
Of all the things she could have said, that answer was the one he least expected and most wanted to hear. Somehow knowing that she regretted the senseless loss of his horse made it seem somehow less painful.
“He was the most beautiful animal I’ve ever seen,” she added hoarsely. “If I’d know that taking him this morning might have led to his death, I’d have stayed her until I could-could find some other way.”
Staring up into the earl’s hooded eyes, Jenny saw him wince as he pulled his hand away from her face. “It’s a miracle you fell off or you’d both have died,” he said gruffly.
Turning to her side she buried her face in the furs. “I didn’t fall,” she whispered brokenly, “he threw me. I’d ridden higher over obstacles all day. I knew could clear that tree with ease, but when he jumped, he reared up at the same time, for no reason at all, and I fell backward. He shook me off before he jumped.”
“Thor sired two sons, Jennifer,” Royce said with rough gentleness, “in his exact likeness. One of the is here, the other at Claymore being trained. He isn’t completely lost to me.”
His captive drew a shattered breath, and in the darkness, she said simply, “Thank you.”

-Jennifer to Royce

Jenny’s huge, feared-widened eyes were riveted to his face. “Please,” she whispered, mistaking his silence for refusal. “I’ll do anything. I’ll kneel to you. Please, you have only to tell me what you want.”
He finally spoke and Jenny tensed with hope, too overwrought to notice the odd meaningful note in his voice as he said, “Anything?”
She nodded, vigorously. “Anything-I’ll have this castle set to rights and ready to receive a king within a few weeks, I’ll say prayers for each of you-”
“‘Tis not prayers I want,” he interrupted.
Desperate to reach an agreement before he changes his mind, she said, “Then, tell me what it is what you want?”
Implacably he stated, “You.”
Jennifer’s hand fell away from his tunic as he continued without emotion, “I do not want you on your knees, I want you in my bed. Willingly.”
Her relief that he was willing to let Brenna leave was temporarily overwhelmed by blazing animosity at what he was demanding.
He was sacrificing nothing by releasing Brenna, for he would still have Jenny as a hostage, yet he was requiring that she sacrifice everything. In willingly surrendering her honor to him, she would become a harlot; a disgrace to herself, her family, and all she held dear.

-Jennifer pleading to Royce to free her sister, Brenna, who fell ill at the castle.

“Do we have a bargain?” he asked calmly.
Jenny lifted her small chin, looking like a proud young queen who’d just been stabbed by someone she trusted. “I was mistaken in you, my lord,” she said bitterly. “I credited you with honor when you said me nay two days ago-for you could have promised me what I asked for, taken what I offered, and then attacked Merrick anyway. Now I see ’twasn’t honor, but arrogance. A barbarian has no honor.”
Even when she knew she was vanquished, she was splendid, Royce thought, suppressing an admiring smile as he looked into her stormy blue eyes. “Is the bargain I offer you so loathsome?” he asked quietly, putting his hands on her stiff arms. “In truth, I have no need to bargain with you at all, Jennifer, and you know it. I could have taken you by force any time these past days.”
Jennifer knew that, and although her resentment remained, she had to fight against falling under the deep spell of his voice as he continued, “I want you, and if that makes me a barbarian in your eyes, so be it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you let me, I’ll make it good between us. There’ll be no shame nor pain for you in my bed,-except for the pain I must cause you the first time. After that, there will be only pleasure.”

“Because I doubt your sister has paid enough heed to Hardin’s defenses to tell your father anything. You, however,” he added in a voice of amused irony, “were calculating the thickness of its walls and counting my sentries as we rode across the drawbridge.”

“You are mad!” she snapped, her chest heaving.
“And you are a devil!”
“And you, my dear,” Royce imperturbably replied, “are a bitch.” With that, he turned to the horrified friar and unhesitatingly announced, “The lady and I wish to be wed.”

“I hate you,” she said with deadly calm.
“A perfect basis for the perfect marriage,” Royce said sarcastically.

“Your home,” he interrupted, and to her complete confusion, he grinned suddenly. “You have the bluest eyes on earth,” he added with a low, appreciative chuckle. “When you’re angry, they’re the color of wet blue velvet.”
Jenny rolled her eyes in disgust, momentarily pacified by his answer that this was her home. “Wet velvet?” she repeated wryly, wrinkling her nose. “Wet velvet.”
His white teeth flashed in a devastating grin. “No? What should I have said?”
His smile was irresistible, and Jenny fell in with his teasing mood, “Well, you might have said they’re the color of-” she glanced at the large sapphire in the center of the crucifix”-of sapphires, she provided.
“That has a nice ring to it.”
“Ah, but sapphires are cold, and your eyes are warm and expressive. Am I doing better? he chuckled when she voiced no further argument to wet velvet.
“Much,” she agrees readily. “would you care to go on?”
“Fetching for compliments?
His lips twitched with laughter. “Very well. Your eyelashes remind me of sooty brooms.”
Jenny’s mirth exploded in a peal of musical laughter. “A broom!” she chuckled merrily, shaking her head at him.
“Exactly. And your skin is white and soft and smooth. It reminds me of….”
“Yes?” she prompted, chuckling.
“An egg. Shall I go on?”
“On, please, no,” she muttered, laughing.

Why is it when you yield, I feel like the one who has been conquered?”
-Royce Westmoreland

It was a kingdom of dreams— a place where things would be just the way I wanted them to be.
-Jennifer Merrick Westmoreland

Since reading this book, I went online and ordered many of this authors books, some without even looking at what they’re about. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t care what they’re about, only that I have them and read them.

SWEET REVENGE by Christy Reece

5 Stars
Amazon link- Sweet Revenge

Look at that cover. Mmm, mmm, mmm, good! I love those colors together! HAHA I bet you thought I was going to say something else…..

I am sooo excited to start this book tonight! I hear it’s the best in the series so far…..

This author can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s hard for me to choose which book has been the best so far. My heart will always have Eden and Jordan in the number one spot, but this book is very close to that spot. It was the most heart wrenching book of the series as of yet. I ached and cried during some parts. For instance, when Dylan was telling Jamie about his dog, his father and the abuse he had to take when he was a child. It was all so real and believable in my eyes that I didn’t want to go any further with reading the book. Christy really brought to life these characters and the struggles in their life. I had to remind myself at times that this is a fiction novel, and it didn’t really happen. Well, let’s not hope not anyway. There are some sick people in this world.

I am dreading the next book. It’s not that I don’t want to read it, oh believe me, I do, but it is the last and final book of the series and I don’t want it to end. All of Christy’s books hold a dear spot in my heart and I feel like I am say good-bye to the characters. It’s never fun to say good-bye.

Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

3 Stars
Amazon link- Liberating Lacey

How is it that everyone seemed to love this novel and I didn’t? Everyone must have been blinded by all that hot steamy sex that was going on to really rate the book. Yes, Anne Calhoun can write a hot erotic sex scene but the rest fell flat for me. I felt like the characters were reaching out, trying to lure me in but for some odd reason I kept holding back. I guess I didn’t feel the connection. And I’m kind of bummed about it! I read a short story by this author and it was very, very good so I assumed this would be too. I was wrong.

I think my main problem was that there was sex about 4% into this book. Huge pet peeve of mine, especially when the characters don’t even know each other. Granted, Lacey was looking for a one night stand since she and her now ex-husband had divorced, so I should have expected it, I just didn’t so soon. Another issue I had was that Lacey considered herself “inexperienced” in the bedroom. Lacey and Hunter said it multiple times too. Ah, you were married for 10 years, how could you possibly be inexperienced even if it was only missionary style? Speaking of marriage, how did Lacey and Davis divorce? The divorce was spoken about a few times, but not how it ended. There were encounters that Davis and Lacey had together and it would have been perfect timing to talk about it, but it wasn’t. Another thing, when Hunter brought up his mother to Lacey and reveled who she really is, it seemed to ring a bell for Lacey, but not for me. Was she spoken about before Lacey and Hunter had that conversation? I couldn’t remember for the life of me and I felt like we were suppose to know who she is. Lastly, I was waiting for this big climax to happen and nothing did! Wait, I take that back. There were plenty of climaxes in this book, too many really, but no real climax to the story line. Despite all the complaints I have with this book, one thing I did enjoy was Lacey and Claire’s friendship. That was real to me and I felt that connection. There are too many books out there where the women claim to be best friends but so much is held back from each other that makes me wonder how they could’ve even consider themselves best friends, let alone friends! Lacey and Claire held nothing back from each other and I liked that so much. It reminded me of my best friends. Personally, best friends should have a no-holds-barred friendship, and that’s what Lacey and Claire have.

Even though I was not crazy about this book, I am still going to give this author another shot simply because I enjoyed one of her short stories so much.