Review: The Heart has Reasons by Martine Marchand

**Be warned – there are spoilers in this review. BIG ONES!**
Well, this one just puts me in a conundrum. How can you end up hating both of the main characters and loving the story? HOW?
Martine Marchand has managed to write a story where I ended up hating both the Hero and Heroine, yet loved the story. I’m still not exactly sure how exactly that happened, but it did.
Let me explain…..
Larissa had a stalker two years ago. He broke in, she shot him, he got away. Now, she’s buffed up on marital arts, a gun, and defense techniques.
Chase has been hired by her stalker to bring her from Charleston, SC to California. Chase thinks she’s an errant wife that needs to be returned to her husband.
OK. First off, even if she is an errant wife, Chase has NO RIGHT to kidnap her and return her to California. Plus, he just took the stalker’s word. No research, nothing. Butt head! You would think Special Forces would be smarter than that. Guess no in his case!
Larissa I started out liking but ended up screaming at her through my Kindle. I came close to throwing it through the window on numerous occasions. I’ve now dubbed her TSTL (Too Stupid To Live.) We’ll get to why in a few minutes.
I started out really liking Larissa. She was a bit overly cautious, but I get why. However, she wasn’t a victim. She fought, she cajoled, she argued, she pleaded. She did everything she should to try to get free. She even had sex with him in order to try and get free. I get that. I would do it. I would do anything to get free. I don’t blame her, I applaud her. Do whatever it takes.
Chase is slimy at this point. One, he’s dating someone, yet he has sex with Larissa. Plus, he thinks she’s married and he has sex with her. Total slimeball material there.
Chase was stupid too. Beyond stupid. When she tells her story to Chase, he doesn’t check it out. He just decided her husband/stalker is telling the truth. Dude, check out the Internet sometime. It’s amazing what you can find.
One of the things that really irked me was the description of the path they took from SC to CA. I couldn’t figure out how they hit the states they hit. I travel that path often and still can’t figure it out. Once I got past the geography lesson I got back to the story.
Larissa gets delivered to her stalker. Chase leaves. Larissa fights to the bitter end. She knows she’s gonna die a horrible death, so she plans to fight all she can. Good for her! Go for it!
Chase comes back, rescues her. Here is the TSTL moment. She LETS him get away. Then she LIES about her kidnapper, Chase. OMG! REALLY? She lies repeatedly. All to keep him out of jail
So, then we decided it’s Stockholm Syndrome. She says no, I still say maybe. If not, she’s TSTL. If it is, I feel for her, she needs help.
Now, at this point the story took a turn I was not expecting. In fact it was an amazing turn and I was quite impressed with it. I fully expected that since Larissa never saw Chase’s face on the trip or the rescue by Chase, he would just show up in Charleston later on, get to know her and then she’d figure it out. But Nope! Didn’t happen that way.
We got to see the investigation and the FBI agents trying to convince Larissa to turn Chase in. She remained steadfast and continued to lie for him. Chase was steadfast too. He didn’t want to go to jail. Although he did consider confessing when he thought Larissa had been arrested. That earned him a brownie point. But he’s so far in the hole, he’ll never see the light of day in my eyes.
So, with all of this how come I liked the story?
It’s different. I’ve read captive stories where the captive falls for her captor. All the ones I’ve read before were situations where the captive was conditioned to fall for the captor. A true Stockholm Syndrome or conditioning environment.
This story was not that. It was different. I can’t completely rule out Stockholm Syndrome, but it just doesn’t feel that way. Martine didn’t take the easy route with the resolution. In fact, we took the brutal path. It made the story better.

So, even though I ended up hating both Chase and Larissa, I liked the story. Well played Martine…well played.
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Review: Steal My Heart by Lisa Eugene

*There is dubious consent and a little non-con in this book*
Steal My Heart is the story of a germaphobe nurse who gets kidnapped and taken on a wild ride by a hot ex-navy SEAL. Along the way, they’re thrown into danger, deceit, murder, mayhem and betrayal.
So, this review is a little hard for me to write. I have mixed feelings about it. I love military heroes, whether active or retired. I love the idea of falling for someone you wouldn’t normally. I loved the action, the intrigue, the mystery and was totally caught off-guard by the guilty party.
The idea of a germaphobe nurse travelling and wearing the same clothes over and over made me chuckle. Watching how Gabe dealt with her was even better.
The romance between Gabe and Maggie was hot. Gabe learning to let others in and learning to love was great. I also love that Maggie was a full figured woman. And the descriptions matched that. It was just lip service. This hot SEAL falling for a full figure woman was awesome.
So, where was my problem with the story? There quite a few words I had to stop and look up. I have a pretty decent vocabulary and I rarely have to look up words when reading romance novels. However, I found myself being pulled from the story and forced to look up words. It tended to disrupt the flow for me.
The first half of the story dragged a bit for me. This may have been because I kept getting pulled from the story. However, the last half really picked up the pace.
The last 25% was rolling fast and furious and I couldn’t read fast enough. It was full of action and passion.
The best part? The conclusion! Nope, not gonna tell. You’ll have to read it. But, let’s just say, the ultimate guilty party was a surprise to me. Plus, how it all ended up being resolved was AWESOME! I liked that ending!
Now, what did the vagina say to the rabbi? (read the book, you’ll understand the question!)

Blog Tour and Review: The Novice by Harlem Dae

The Novice by Harlem Dae


London – one meeting, one month of lessons and a landslide of new desires.

My journey to hell started with a decaf coffee. Nothing more than a grey mug full of dull-brown liquid devoid of its most useful ingredient.

One sip, one smile, one touch of her hand and it was soon clear my life wasn’t destined to stay dull. Oh, no, suddenly I had a month of bedroom education planned by a sultry vixen who intended to broaden my horizons beyond my usual peach-pink palette.

She wanted to take me to deep purples and navy blues and the pitch blackness that was pure sin. And on the other side of that blackness was a place that might look like Hell, with debauchery and wantonness, people playing devil’s advocate, luring innocents into the hotter, steamier corners of the world.

Her world.

Oh, yes, she promised each night to take me there and paint me an orange-and-red picture that would come alive, flickering like flames, enticing me, holding me spellbound and eager to learn more. To touch, explore, drown in coming.

And drown I would. I was no match for her tricks and taunts. My only chance of survival was to show her that I wasn’t vanilla. I had a rainbow of mastery up my sleeve, too, and if she just opened her eyes, she might be dazzled enough to stay—stay and take ‘my’ lessons. If she didn’t kill me first, that was, with pleasure.

Please note The Novice is book #1 in the Sexy as Hell Trilogy which is best read in order. At the end of The Novice you will find the first 3 chapters of the next book, The Player, available for your enjoyment.


I sighed then sipped my coffee, wondering what on earth was the matter with me. Perhaps this game with Victor was dragging me down. If that was the case, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I stared into space, working out what to show him next. There were the Swedes—mustn’t forget those—but maybe they’d be better off left for the finale. God, that would give him a last visual to remember his time with me by. I could only hope he learned from what I was teaching him and didn’t file it in the back of his mind. What a waste if he didn’t use it with future women, either as a sub or having a go at domination himself. When he’d got going last night he’d given off an unstoppable energy. It was muted assertiveness yes, but I was pretty sure it was there.
Bile rose into my throat.
Was I coming down with something? That would be all I’d need, being sick smack bang in the middle of a bet. I breathed deeply, waiting for a slash of nausea to strike, but nothing came. Maybe the milk in the coffee wasn’t as fresh as it could be. I shrugged, once again studying the men in the coffee shop. One of them, nice-looking and hair much like Victor’s, greying a bit at the temples but not quite as long at the back as his, was typing steadfastly on his laptop. I wondered what he did for a living that meant he spent his coffee break working. Or perhaps he wasn’t working at all. He might well be firing off saucy emails to a woman who read them while frigging her clit. Would Victor be up for something like that?
I wasn’t about to wait to find out. I reached into my bag and pulled out my phone. Having stored his email address in my mind, I tapped the icon for my mail app and typed it in, taking a moment to think on what to put. In the subject line I typed CAN YOU WALK PROPERLY TODAY? then proceeded with the main entry.

Dear Mr Doesn’t-Know-It-All-But-Knows-A-Bit-More-Than-Before,
I hope this email finds you in good spirits. How is your arse? Sore? I imagine it is. Mine isn’t, just in case you were wondering. I have a blissful kind of ache going on down there, and every time I move I think of you with your cock inside me. I have to admit, I’m wondering how that cock would feel in my cunt again, but we have plenty of time for me to find out, don’t we?
Now, about tonight. I doubt your back hole is up for any more invasions just yet, so I thought us watching a performance might be the best way to go. There’s an act you haven’t seen yet—The Harlequin; you’ll see why when you get there—and it will show you a thing or two.
8 o’clock sharp at Eden Street. If you don’t turn up this time…well, it’d be pointless if you didn’t. You know damn well I’ll only come and find you and do what I have in mind anyway. And you’ll enjoy it, I promise.
By the way, I’m enjoying a lovely coffee. Isn’t it about time you took a break?
Mistress Z

I smiled as I hit SEND, imagining his mail alarm tinkling, him opening his email browser thinking it was a client or one of his staff, only to find little old me had barged into his inbox. I wanted to barge into his inbox for real, but like I’d said to him, I didn’t think his arse could take another invasion so soon.
I sipped and gazed around while waiting for his response. If he didn’t send one immediately, then that was all right. He might be busy drawing or in a meeting or something. I hoped he wasn’t—hoped he was at his desk, bored and waiting for a decent distraction. Did he ever get bored at work, what with all those important projects to be getting on with?
My phone gave a solitary blip, and I looked down to see a number one in the corner of my mail icon. Excited, and wanting to laugh so loud it made people stare, I opened my mail.

Dear Mistress Z,
You are so naughty, emailing me like this. What did I tell you last night? I’m a busy man—too busy to be having filthy email conversations with you. Too busy to take a bloody break.
Yes, I’ll be at Eden Street at 8, not because you ordered me there but because I want to see The Harlequin. I enjoy a good show—perhaps you’d like me to take you to one of my kind some day? And yes, my arse is sore, thank you very much.
Mr Won’t-Take-Any-More-Orders-For-The-Rest-Of-The-Day

Ha! So he wasn’t so busy that he didn’t have time to respond. And as for not taking any more orders…he’d be taking them tonight.

Dear Mr I’m-Too-Busy-For-My-Mistress-Who-Likes-To-Put-Things-Up-My-Arse,
Thank you so much for your prompt response, despite being a very busy man. I appreciate you finding the time to squeeze me into your hectic schedule. I should be flattered. However, there’s always time for a bit of slap and tickle, and I aim to show you that all work and no play might make Victor a very dull man. And it had made you dull, hadn’t it? Admit it. When was the last time you had fun before you met me? Lighten up a little.
If you have a client sitting opposite your desk—and I can’t imagine you being so rude as to write filth to me if you did; again, not enough balls—or you have someone in your office, or perhaps you’re in someone else’s office and answering mail on your phone, just imagine what they’d think if they knew what we were talking about. Don’t you think it makes for an interesting deviance from your usual boring day? What a secret to have, sending raunchy messages to a woman when no one else knows.
What a secret to have when a woman emails you saying she’d like nothing more than to pay you a visit, yank down your trousers, and stuff your very hard cock into her mouth.
And you are hard, aren’t you?
Mistress Z

I sent the message and smiled. I was skating on thin ice here, risking annoying him or getting him so exasperated that the next response from him might not be so kind. Still, it was passing the time, and I could imagine him now, reading my message with a too-hard cock and no way to relieve it unless he visited the bathroom and took himself in hand. If he was in a meeting, all the better. A stiffy when sitting at a conference table could only make him want to see me tonight all the more.
My alert pinged.

Dear Mistress-Z-Who-Is-So-Infuriating-She-Makes-Me-Want-To-Scream,
I’m alone in my office, trying to work, and no, that doesn’t mean you can send me more of your dirty little messages. I really do need to get along here, and it’s all very well saying I should have secrets and should enjoy all this email sex malarkey—and I am in a way, I just wish you hadn’t chosen today to do it—but I have deadlines.
I don’t want to brush you off, believe me I don’t, but in answer to your question, yes, I’m too damn hard and it’s going to take a while for me to stop thinking about your pert little body and concentrate on work.
Now stop it. I mean it, just stop.
Mr Wants-To-Fuck-Around-With-You-But-Can’t

A grin a mile wide spread across my face. That was all I’d been after, him admitting he wanted me, giving me some assurance that he’d be at Eden Street tonight. Oh, I knew he’d said he’d be there, but after his no-show before, I’d had to make sure. And now I knew he wanted to fuck me, was sitting at his desk trying to deflate his cock, I was on cloud nine.
As I was just about to hug myself in victory, the man who looked a bit like Victor came up to my table. I stared at him, wondering what he could want, and slid my phone back into my bag.
“May I join you?” he asked.
“If you like,” I said, giving him my best I-can-hook-you-in-a-heartbeat smile. It felt wrong on my face, stretching it painfully, and I didn’t understand why. “So,” I said, following my usual patter, “what brings a hunk like you here?”
He grinned, blue eyes flashing, and placed his laptop on the table. “Having the chance to pick up a woman like you.”
Oh, someone else who thought he should be the one to run the show. I refrained from rolling my eyes and gave him another smile instead. Inwardly I sighed at having to go through this again, when all I wanted was to go home and think about tonight. I didn’t like other men encroaching on my time when I was teaching someone else.
So why were you here the other day then? The day Victor dropped in and caught you looking at other men?
I frowned. All right, so I was a hypocrite. I’d have to be honest with myself—this man wasn’t floating my boat, no matter how similar to Victor he was. No matter how attractive he was.
“I’m not here to be picked up,” I said. “I’m…well, I’m seeing someone.”
I stood and grabbed my bag, slinging the strap over my shoulder and heading to the door without looking back. I couldn’t believe I’d said that to him, had turned down the chance at a one-night stand come the end of the month. But it was all I’d been able to think of to get rid of him, to make my exit appear acceptable.
There was no other reason for saying what I had at all.

About the Author:

Harlem Dae is the pen name of two authors – Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae. They have been writing together for several years on top of their individual author projects and enjoy being represented by traditional houses including HarperCollins and Totally Bound as well as self-publishing their sexy stories on Amazon.

The Novice, Anything for Him and Good Cop, Bad Cop have all claimed the #1 spot on the Amazon Erotica chart in 2013 and with the popularity of the newly released Sexy as Hell Trilogy it looks like 2014 is going to be another wild ride of success for Harlem Dae.

Both live in the UK and gain great satisfaction from bouncing characters and their raunchy antics back and forth, growing, nurturing and stoking plot lines until they steam off the page and push boundaries. They consider themselves to be solitary, whacky, spontaneous and desirous for many things including perfection and are frequently caught sending messages back and forth referring to each other as Rodney and Delboy.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Get Addicted by Krista and Becca Ritchie

He’s addicted to booze. She’s addicted to sex…staying sober is only half the battle.

No. More. Sex. 

Those are the three words Lily Calloway fears the most. But Loren Hale is determined to be with Lily without enabling her dangerous compulsions. With their new living situation—sleeping in the same bed, for real, together—Lily has new battles. Like not jumping Lo’s bones every night. Not being consumed by sex and his body.

Loren plans to stay sober, to right all of his wrongs. So when someone threatens to expose Lily’s secret to her family and the public, he promises that he’ll do anything to protect her. But with old enemies surfacing, Lo has more at stake than his sobriety.

They will torment Lily until Lo breaks. 

And his worst fear isn’t relapsing. He hears the end. He sees it. The one thing that could change everything. Just three words. 

No. More. Us.

 Here is a teaser to Addicted For Now!! I’ve been lucky enough to read an advanced copy of this book, and I have to say it’s UNBELIEVABLE! Even better than the first book!

Krista & Becca Ritchie write New Adult books that make you cringe, gasp, and go ooh-la-la. (If you do that sort of thing.) They are currently working on the spin-offs and final books in the Addicted series. Connect with them on twitter and their website:

It’s a 2 for 1 giveaway!!!
Not only are Krista and Becca having a SWEET giveaway, but I posted one in the beginning of the month for all of the ebooks that you can still enter! Click here for the link!! 

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Review: Real by Katy Evans

OMG! Remy!  He’s moody, demanding and OMG HOT! He strong-willed and never had anyone stand up for him. He’s never had anyone fight for him.
Brooke is woman enough to stand up for herself and Remy. She won’t back down and she’ll do anything she has to in order to protect herself and Remy, including take on underground fighters.
Remy and Brooke have an unusual beginning. Their romance is even more unusual. Brooke keeps pushing Remy to move forward with their relationship. She’s ready for whatever he’s willing to give. But Remy wants it all. In order to have it all, he insists on doing things his way. He has secrets. Secrets he’s sure will cause Brooke to leave him. Everyone leave Remy.
This was definitely an unusual romance. Nothing about it was normal by any stretch of the imagination. However, it worked for Remy and Brooke. Remy and Brooke are both fighting for the same thing. The only difference is how they do it.
Both are also facing their own personal demons. They both have something to face.
One of the things I really liked about this was the way music was used. Instead of putting the lyrics in the story, Brooke and Remy would play songs for each other. Their feeling were expressed through the songs. Author Katy Evans would explain in the story what they were expressing. I liked this so much more than posting lyrics. I don’t know all the songs so I need them to explain what they were wanting expressed. I even looked some of those songs up and it made things more powerful for me.

This was a great story! I have Mine on my kindle ready to be read!  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Their Merry Little Christmas by Jessica Ingro

With the past behind them and all their skeletons out of the closet, the couples have just begun to settle into their relationships when they find things shaken up yet again.

Will Sam and Aiden’s marriage be able to survive the demands of work, shopping, decorating, and of course… baby Tessa? Will Jacob make a good first impression with his future in-laws and secure Kara’s position by his side until death do them part?

Join your favorite Love Square couples as they deck the halls and have themselves a Merry Little Christmas!


**Disclaimer: This content is unedited and subject to change**

Copyright © Jessica Ingro

“Fine. Bring me the damn suit,” I grumble begrudgingly.

“You’re the best! You know that?” Kara kisses me chastely. Her father is still there after all.

Bill laughs once Kara bolts up the stairs.

“Laugh now. Next thing you know she’ll make you be my elf!” I threaten good naturedly.

“I’d love to see that,” he says in between chuckles.

“Ah crap!” I pull my hands through my hair, seriously wanting to throw a child-sized temper tantrum at this turn of events.

“Think of it this way, son. It will be good practice for when you have kids. And you’re making those girls’ night.”

“Yeah… alright. I guess I can try to look on the bright side of things,” I concede. The last thing I need is for my soon to be father-in-law to think I’m a big baby.

Kara returns twenty minutes later with a giant red bag. I drag it into the bathroom and take my time changing. Part of me hopes that if I take too long the girls will fall asleep or something. Stranger things have happened.

“It’s Christmas Eve, Jacob. The girls won’t want to fall asleep regardless, so don’t think you can get out of this,” Kara calls through door.

How the hell does she do that? It’s worse than the eyes in the back of her head.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” I yell through the door.

After I velcro the giant pillow onto my belly, I turn to the side and stick my stomach out further, poking at my now enlarged gut. I roll my abdominal muscles making the pillow bounce and ripple. Chuckling at my nonsense, I step into the red, velvet pants. I pull the black suspenders over my shoulder and do a little jig watching as my stomach bounces around.

Apparently this suit sucks the seriousness out of you. Maybe it’s a magic suit…

I stop my musings and proceed to put the jacket on and button it up.

I look damn good in red. Even with a giant stomach.

Next comes the wig and beard, followed by the hat. Now I have absolutely no reason to walk out of this bathroom. Damn.

Opening the door, Kara is the first thing I see. Her face lights up and she graces me with a wide smile. She lifts her arm, and then she does the unthinkable when she snaps a picture with her cell phone.

“Lump of coal for you!” I shout and make like I’m going to attack her. When I lunge for her, she screeches and runs across the room.

Once I catch up with her, she reaches out and rubs red shit on my cheeks. “Really?” I ask not wanting to deal with this shit.

“You are so going to get lucky later,” she mumbles so only I can hear her.

“Damn straight. You owe me one creative session, Sunshine.”

“There is this new position I heard about that I’ve been curious to try.”

“It’s a good thing this suit is big, otherwise my sister would think Santa was a giant perv. What do you think you’re doing telling me that now?” I gripe, knowing my nieces can’t sit on my lap while I’m turned on.

“Sorry. I forget,” she says like that explains it all.

“You’re lucky I love you.” I kiss her forehead and start towards the stairs. “Let’s get this over with.”

Author Bio:

Jessica is the author of the Love Square series. She grew up in Central New York, where she spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she’s been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world.

Jessica currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.

Author contact information:

Love Square (Book #1) Information
His Ever After (Book #2) Information

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Remy by Katy Evans

Remington “Riptide” Tate is one of the hottest underground fighters around.  There are sides to Remy that no one else but those closest to him knows.  He is black and he is blue.  He has one thing that he will fight for and do whatever it takes to protect, that being Brooke Dumas. 

In Real and Mine we got Brooke’s POV.  In Remyit is all in Remy’s POV.  We get too see what Remy was thinking, feeling, wanting and needing from the start. 

I absolutely loved Remy, more than the other books hands down.  I connected with Remy more than I have with Brooke.  Remy is more than just a fighter who is not only fighting in an underground MMA fight, he is fighting to stay Blue, fighting to prove to Brooke that she is the one thing in his life that means the most to him.  His music centers him, it is how he expresses himself to Brooke and tells her how he feels with songs. 

I loved seeing how from the moment he laid eyes on Brooke he knew she was the one he had to have.  Remy is omg sexy beyond words.  He is protective, sweet, caring, and sex on 2 legs and he only has eyes for Brooke.  Seeing the events that happened between him and Brooke in his POV made me love him even more than I did prior to reading Remy.  Remy deserves his happiness and he finally gets it with Brooke.

I am addicted to this series, each book is like a fix for my addiction.  I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series, like a drug addict is needing his next hit.  I hope that in the future books we will get more of Remy’s POV because I for one could not get enough of this sexy fighter.

During Real and Mine we got to meet Remy. He’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s fierce, he’ bipolar. We watch him when he’s high and when he’s low. We watch it all through Brooke’s eyes.

Now, we get the story from Remy. We get to see and hear what’s going on in Remy’s mind. How he feels, what he’s thinking, how he suffers. Finally. We get the other side of the story.
I was so excited to get this story. I wanted it. I wanted to read it. I wanted inside Remy’s head, and I got it.
It was fascinating to see all of this through Remy’s eyes. Hearing his thoughts, hearing how he was suffering for Brooke, for someone to love him, for someone to find him worthy. Hearing how he handled things and how he tried to keep calm added a new depth to the first two stories. It was also comforting to hear how Brook centered Remy and helped calm the voices, calm the “speedy” and help him through the black.
My only complaint is I didn’t get to hear everything I wanted. I felt there were some really important parts that were not covered in this book. There were pieces in the first two books that I wanted from Remy’s POV. How did he handle being apart from her? I wanted more from that.

I’m really glad I read Remy. It added some pieces of the puzzle and made a more complete picture.

“REMY! REMY! REMY! REMY!” people yell.

Their chants grow in intensity while her startled golden eyes devour me like I’m devouring her.

“You want more Remy?” the announcer happily asks the crowd. “All right then, people! Let’s bring out a worthier opponent for Remington Riptide Tate tonight!”

Hell, they can bring out anything they want, man or monster.

I’m so primed, I could take a couple at once.

In my peripherals, I’ve got her pinned down, nice and tight. In that frilly shirt. Those body-hugging pants. I’ve already cataloged her at about a 120 pounds and five feet seven, at least a head shorter than me. In my head, I’m already measuring her breasts in my hands and tasting her skin with my tongue. Suddenly, I notice she whispers something to her friend, rises to her feet, and takes off down the aisle.

“And now, to challenge our reigning champion, ladies and gentlemen, is Parker ‘the Terror’ Drake!”

I stare in disbelief as she walks off, and a knot coils tight around my gut as the rest of my body tightens in preparation to chase.

The crowd comes alive as Parker takes the ring, and all I can do is watch her leave my arena while every molecule in my body screams at me to go get her.

The bell rings, and I don’t play the little feinting and waiting game that me and my opponents always do. I stare into Parker’s face and give him a look that says, Sorry, dude, and go straight for the slam and knock him down.

He falls splat and doesn’t move.

The crowd is stunned into silence. The announcer takes a moment to speak as I wait, frustrated as fuck, my heart pounding in anticipation as I wait for Parker to stay down and the counting to begin.

It begins.

Come on, motherfuckers . . .

I’m fucking winning the championship this year and I won’t be disqualified . . .

Just call it a knockout and let her hear . . .


“Holy cow, that was fast! We have a KO! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! A KO! And in record time, our victor once again, I give you, Riptide! Riptide, who’s now jumping off the ring and—where the hell are you going?

The crowd goes crazy as I land on my feet on the aisle and their screams follow me all the way to the lobby. They are screaming for me while my body is screaming for me to catch her. “Riptide! Riptide!”

My heart pumps like crazy. She’s walking fast, but I’m fucking running. Every one of my senses demand I chase, capture, and have this girl. I grab her wrist and spin her around.

“What the—” she gasps, her eyes wide in shock.

She’s so beautiful my lungs freeze. Smooth forehead, long lashes with spiky tips—those gold eyes, that dainty nose, and those marshmallow lips. I need to taste that like yesterday. My mouth waters as a wild, primitive hunger opens up inside me.

“Your name,” I growl. Her wrist is tiny in my hand, fragile, but I’m not about to let go. Oh, no.

“Uh, Brooke.”

“Brooke what?” I snap, tightening my hold.

Her scent works me into a lather. I need to find the source of that scent. The back of her ears? Her hair? Her neck?

She tries to pry her hand free but I tighten my hold because she’s not going anywhere but my bedroom.

“It’s Brooke Dumas,” a voice behind me says, and then the crazy friend who was with her throws off a number, which my idiot brain doesn’t grasp, for I’m still hung up on her name.

Brooke Dumas.

My lips curl as I meet that pretty gold gaze. “Brooke Dumas,” I say gruffly out loud, slow and deep, my tongue twisting around the name as I savor it. Such a strong, classy fucking name.

Her eyes widen in shock—and she gives me a hungry, doe-eyed look that lets me see she’s a little excited but a little afraid.

It makes me crazed. I need to touch, smell, taste, claim. I burn with the need to tell her she should be afraid of me, and at the same time, all I want is to pet my hand down her long hair and promise her I’ll be her protector.

Yielding to the impulse, I slide my fingers into the nape of her neck, fighting to be gentle so that she won’t run, while only one thought remains in my head: Take. Her.

My gaze never leaving hers, I set a dry kiss on her lips, slowly, trying not to scare her, but just so she knows who I am, and who I will be for her.

“Brooke,” I say against her soft lips, then I draw back with a smile. “I’m Remington.”

Her eyes meet mine, and they’re metallic gold and liquid with something I recognize as wanting. My smile fades as I look down at her mouth again. It’s so pink and soft I bend my head to take it even more deeply. My blood rushes through my veins as her scent drowns me. I want this woman. I can’t wait one more second without tasting her, taking her.

One second she’s warm and trembling in my arms, quietly tipping her head back for more, and the next, the crowd engulfs us and some fucking lunatic is screaming in my ear.


Brooke Dumas seems to snap into motion and quickly squirms free.

“No.” I reach out to snatch up a piece of her white shirt. But she and her friend wind through the throng like wiggly, little bunnies, and I’m in the crowd stuck with two fans who—

Riptide, my god, please let me touch your cock.”

“Riptide, you can take us both together!”

As they rub their hands down my abs, I think, FUCK! and pry their arms away, then I charge after her. When I reach the elevator, the gate is shut and I hear her noisily ascending up to street level.



Growling in anger, I slam my palm to the closed door, then dodge an incoming group of fans and bulldoze my way back into the locker room.

I don’t know if I’m angry, frustrated, or . . . I don’t know. Where the fuck is she going? She was looking up at me like she wanted me to eat her; I don’t even understand fucking females and never fucking will. Scowling as I charge to get my stuff, I slam my fist into a locker.

“Take care of your knuckles, Tate!” Coach snaps as he gathers all my things into a red duffel.

I loathe being told what to do. So I slam my other fist into another locker and dent it like I did the first, then I glare at the old man and grab my headset, my iPod, and a sports drink. Following my crew out to our Escalade, I’m pissed as fuck at myself for letting her go. I try saving her number on my phone, at least the few numbers I remember.

“That KO was unbelievable, dude, you knocked him down within three seconds!” Riley says, laughing.

I stare out the window at the lights of Seattle and tap my fingers on my knee.

“All right, so what was that all about? Are we going to discuss the elephant in the car?” asks Pete from up front. “The one with the long hair? You seemed hell-bent in chasing, Rem?”

“I want her watching my next fight.” The car falls silent when they realize I’m fiercely hung up on her.

Pete sighs. “All right, I’ll see what I can do. We also got you a couple of girls.”

“A good assortment,” Riley adds. “A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.”

And as soon as we get up to the suite, there they are. They’re waiting for me. Three girls with different-colored hair, waiting in next-to-nothing clothes, ready to fuck the Riptide.
Hey! I’m Katy Evans and I love family, books, life, and love. I’m married with two children and three dogs and spend my time baking, walking, writing, reading, and taking care of my family. Thank you for spending your time with me and picking up my story. I hope you had an amazing time with it, like I did. If you’d like to know more about books in progress, look me up on the Internet, I’d love to hear from you!


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Review: Fall Into Me (Heart of Stone #2) by K.M. Scott


If you have not read Crash Into Me please be warned that there may be some spoilers in this review. 
Nina has no memory of her life for a period of 4 years before her accident.  She doesn’t remember the death of her father, things she has done in that 4 year time, but most importantly she doesn’t remember the love and relationship she has with Tristan, or the reason behind her accident.  Nina wants to believe that what she and Tristan have is real, but without her memories of their time together will she be able to fall in love with him again?
Tristan can have anything he wants.   He has enough money and power to do just that.  He knows that with Nina’s memory loss he has a second chance to make things right with her… that is if he can make her fall in love with him once more.  He will stop at nothing to win her love and keep her safe from the dangers of their past, but can he  get the one thing money and power can’t buy?  Nina.
Fall Into Me picks up where Crash Into Me leaves off.  Nina doesn’t remember Tristan, the accident that she was in has wiped her memories of the past 4 years.  Nina has to believe that what Tristan has said about their relationship is true, she doesn’t remember the secrets that she found out that Tristan was hiding, she just knows that she has been told she was engaged to him and that they loved each other very much.  I felt so bad for Nina and the insecurities that she had in regards to her relationship with Tristan.  She also was reliving the death of her father because for her it just happened, not 4 years ago.  She had so much going on but didn’t give up even when her bitch sister would be discouraging.  Even when she had so much to deal with she still worried about Tristan when he was going through his own issues.
Tristan, oh my, he is still sexy as hell if not even sexier than before.  He knew his second chance could end up the same way the first time did if he doesn’t come clean to Nina but he knows he could lose her if he does.  He is so in love with her, he wants to keep her protected and tries to do whatever it takes to make her happy and to fall in love with him again.  Then, of course he does another jackass thing and almost seals his own fate.  I swear I wanted to beat him upside the head with a baseball bat, I was even doing practice swings in my head at times.  Stupid ass man, really why in the hell did you have to do that you jackass!  When the truth is revealed again, what he does absolutely crushed my heart. 
I loved this book.  I was waiting for Fall Into Me to come out that when I got my copy in my hands I made sure I read it asap.  Now if you all read my review of Crash Into Me I stated that it was a cliffhanger but not one that would make you want to jump off a cliff.  Well lets just say that Fall Into Me is a cliffhanger and I threw my kindle across the room, a load of swear words came out my mouth (now if you know me this is actually a regular occurance J ) and could not believe that Ms. Scott left us again with an even bigger cliffhanger than before.  I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!!!  This series has worked its way into my heart and one that I tell everyone to read because I promise you will love it as much as I have.  Make sure if for some reason you haven’t read Crash Into Me (and why the hell haven’t you hmmm?) to read it first so that you can understand the events that occur in this book.
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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Marriage Diaries by Erika Wilde

The Marriage Diaries Series Box Set contains 4 novellas, The Awakening, The Seduction, The Taking and The Temptation.  Each novella or volume is a diary entry by Jillian, the wife of Dean who is taking it on her own to make her and Dean’s sex life sexier than the vanilla sex they have had for the past 18 years.  Jillian knows that Dean is holding back his more dominate side when it comes to their sex life and she wants him to let loose and add more excitement into their sex lives.

I liked the idea of these novellas.  What wife wouldn’t want more excitement in her sex life with her husband, especially after the kids are out of the house and when your husband is a sexy ex-Navy SEAL.   The sex scenes themselves were hot and damn Dean is one sexy man.   I commend Jillian for taking charge and taking action to improve their sex life instead of just sitting back and doing nothing about it.  Dean throughout this entire set didn’t disappoint in any way.

 What I had problems with was the writing style.  These characters were supposed to be in their mid-30’s not late 60’s and some of the phrases used made them seem like they were so much older than what they were and the repetition of how Jillian would describe how much improved their sex life was got on my nerves or her overly descriptive commentary about this or that was annoying as well, at least to me.  I will still say read these novellas because I like the idea behind them, and overall they were each pretty good, I just had the issues that I stated but that could just be an instance of it’s just me not you happening here.

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The Marriage Diaries boxed set is on sale for $.99 (normally $3.99) until December 1st.
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About the Author

Erika Wilde (aka Janelle Denison) is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 contemporary romances for multiple print publishers.
So, why the new pen name?
As Janelle Denison I’ve always written sexy books, but lately my writing has taken on more erotic elements that I wanted to keep separate for readers because not everyone likes their reading material on the spicier, kinkier side of romance. However, please be assured that even as Erika Wilde, you will still get an emotionally layered story with characters you’ll care about and fall in love with. That is always my goal, whether I’m writing straight contemporary romances, or more erotically charged stories.
Currently, I’m working on The Marriage Diaries and making sure that Dean and Jillian enjoy exploring the more erotic side to their marriage. The series will be on-going, with no foreseeable ending as of right now, for as long as readers want to be voyeurs to Dean and Jillian’s sizzling new relationship.
I’m also planning a spin-off series in the future, featuring the hot military men that work security for Dean at Noble and Associates. My next book, THE INVITATION, will introduce the men of that new series, THE PLAYERS CLUB.
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